A crowdsourced workaround #EQ2

So there have been some login/loading screen issues on Everquest 2 since yesterday (well that’s when they first affected me), I gave up trying without looking any deeper into it as I had the new WoW Retail content to explore with my husband. However, this morning, I thought I’d better have another look at getting into Norrath, I’m missing out on Overseer mission rewards!

I found this main thread on the official forums where a few different solutions were discussed, including installing a VPN. However, it was also mentioned that interrupting the Internet connection also works for some. For me this is easy as my laptop has a cabled connection to the router – I can unplug the cable and plug it back in by just reaching over to the side of the machine. So far this has worked 100% for me.

Back to the pre-event

The issue occurs for me everytime a character tries to log in, I can get to character select no problem, but loading in on the character then sticks at 99%. Unplugging the network connection works *if* I leave it unplugged long enough for the loading message (bottom right) to switch from the percentage to an empty bar and “waiting for entities”: then plugging back in immediately gets me into the game.

Wifi could be a little more fiddly, toggling airplane mode may fix this, or clicking the disconnect then connect buttons for your wifi network. I’ll not be trying it as I prefer the stability of the wired connection. I hope the issues behind this are fixed soon, as an IT systems worker myself, I can sympathise with the stress this must be causing the dev team.

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Hahaha! That’s so funny! I literally just posted my own observations on this, which I began by saying no-one else seemed to have noticed it, and the first thing I saw when checked my blogroll was your post, which I guess you must have posted just after I started writing mine.

    I still had EQ2 logged in and hanging on one of the loading screens, where it had been for at least an hour, so I tried your workaround and pulled the router cable out for a moment. That got me past character select and then it hung on another screen, so I did it again and now I’m in game!

    Thanks for the tip – I’m going to go add a link to your post at the top of mine.

    • Telwyn says:

      It works mostly, the one case I’ve found where it doesn’t help is Qeynos, I can’t get my main to load into Qeynos to get the daily familiar quest. But for all other zones I’ve tried it’s helped. I did read in global chat in game that guild halls are also problematic, but then I rarely use mine as the guild is so inactive…

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