Out of reach details

We recently played our first partial run through of the Zul Farrak dungeon in WoW Classic on this particular group. It’s been a while since we were there on our Alliance party. It was the entrance that I was struck by all the background details that we never get to see that close up in these instances. It’s both frustrating but also intriguing at the same time.

That set me in a particularly exploratory mood for the dungeon and we did rather a lot of jumping on things and trying to reach corners we would normally run past.

A few weeks ago this same group were still running Razerfen Downs, that place is chock full of details that cannot be reached – huts on walls suspended by beams, giant roots that look perfectly climbable but that you cannot ascend, etc.

Even outside of dungeons there is so much detail everywhere, it is always great to take a moment to poke around. I love looking inside buildings on the off-chance there will be an amusing detail or, very rarely, actually something with gameplay value lying around.

In the case of this two-story pirate dwelling in Tanaris, there’s a quest item to lead you upstairs anyway, but it’s an almost missable feature if you’re more focused on rampaging through the village looking for the pirates you need for other quests.

Exploration has its limits however, Classic’s dungeons are not ones to shield player characters from stupid actions. Forays into Blackrock Depths with our Alliance main team reminded me just how easy it would be in that labyrinthine place for my character to die in an unreachable place.

So exploration has its limits in Classic, at least if you want to avoid the repair bill. Trying to get to out of reach details in the game, and there are many, still can be a powerful motivation to try.

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