Frostfell time! #EQ2 #Frostfell

I logged into EQ2 to have a first look at the Frostfell seasonal event today. Of the seasonal events that I’ve seen in-game it’s one of the most content-rich and engaging. It’s also packed full of charming humour.

Today’s gift is a hat & beard disguise – not convinced with the colour combo though…

I’d read about a new kitten familiar that’s going to be available for the event tokens (E’ci). Checking out the handy article at EQ2Traders I see that it costs 50 to unlock. My main character, the Inquisitor, hasn’t actually done much of this event. For a few years I played my Shadowknight more, coinciding with the occasions that I had more free time for Frostfell, and he has a lot more E’ci as a result. Between the three characters that have done at least some of the many quests and repeatable tasks, I’ve got a total of 31 E’ci – so there’s some way to go but it’s not that daunting.

Zoning into the Wonderland Village zone has very pleasant associated memories, it’s a feel-good zone for a feel-good time of year. I think I may be neglecting progress on the new expansion for some time with these seasonal distractions now available!

Which character gets to run Frostfell this year…

Curiously the Merry Kitten familiar has lower stats than the other familiars I already have unlocked. Since I’m not that gear-driven anyway this is a moot point. I *need* that kitten on one of my characters, clearly!

The Summer Bloom has better stats, but isn’t as cool…

Happy Frostfell everyone!

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  1. Bhagpuss says:

    I had enough tokens on both my Berserker and my Warlock to get the kitten so they have it. It’s a lot nicer to have folowing me around than the plant I got from the Panda. It’s also worth rememberi ng you can use the kitten as Appearance and keep whatever other familiar you have as the one that gives you the actual stats.

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