Neverwinter: scratching that D&D itch

After running some tabletop D&D last weekend I found myself wanting to play a D&D game last night, and for me Neverwinter is the easier MMO for me to jump into should that particular itch need scratching.

Cleric main

My Cleric main is part of a long-standing leveling duo so I didn’t want to play him alone; so I looked at my alts that are more progressed and picked, almost on a whim, my level 60 Hunter Ranger. I leveled this character the normal way until about level 30, thereafter solely by invoking and running Leadership crafting missions as I was too busy playing other characters to play him.

Protector’s Enclave

So coming back to a level 60 who has been pretty badly neglected I had a moment of panic that he’d be unplayable. However jumping into the level-scaling Tyranny of Dragons campaign, I quickly realised I needn’t have worried. For the first section in Neverdeath Graveyard he was downscaled to level 30 again, so his poor gear was no issue at all. Playing the class is rather interesting – a real mix of melee and ranged, damage and support. The core mechanic of swapping between melee and ranged seems solid enough, although playing level-scaled content isn’t much of a test of the build I had from when I last played him. I’m certainly enjoying the mobility and self-healing inherent in many of the classes abilities though.

Neverdeath step of Tyranny of Dragons

Returning to the Protector’s Enclave main hub I had bags full of level-appropriate gear that had dropped at random. That plus a paltry few hundred astral diamonds in auction house purchases fully upgraded his gear to basic level 60 stuff. I also grabbed the free second and third artifacts unlocked for all characters because I’d reached max level previously on various classes. So all gear slots are now filled and every item is enchanted. I can carry on with the Dragons campaign, or maybe try something new, I read on the (yet again) redesigned campaign interface that the Maze Engine campaign is for level 60 characters – that’s something I’ve not ever played…

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  1. Shintar says:

    If you’re thinking about doing the Maze Engine, I recommend you do the story chapters handed out by Captain Belgold in Protector’s Enclave first, starting with “Chapter 1: Attack at Dusk”. These were introduced with Underdark, which is now labelled as level 70 content, but the story actually takes place before the Maze Engine and should scale as long as you’re at least level 60.

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