WoW: Legion launches 30 August 2016

So Blizzard have finally given the nod: the timetable for launch of the latest World of Warcraft expansion is now set for the 30th August 2016. It’s not a “the date I resub for” moment for me, or even a “I’ll watch vicariously for a few weeks and then decide moment”. Since I have the pre-order I’m expecting to be playing on launch day (well at least queueing to login). That’s not where I expected to be until earlier this year. How much I play of the game in the meantime will depend entirely on whether I can self-fund via Tokens (at the extortionate EU market rate) and the timing of the pre-patch event – that hasn’t been clarified yet to my knowledge.

N.B. I’m not in alpha or beta or whatever testing so please no Legion content spoilers in the comments.

I do not expect Legion to be a high point in the game’s history at least relative to expansions earlier than Warlords of Draenor. But I do hope at least that Blizzard will start getting this super-tanker of a MMO back on track. Class halls will be more palatable to me than garrisons in so far as they should have some class-specific storylines attached. Repeating the garrison stuff on alts is not exciting gameplay at all to me.

I’m not looking forward to artifact weapons: what if I don’t want my shaman, druid, paladin or whatever to wield that specific weapon or even that type of weapon? It’s a classic example of Blizzard saying “you will play this way and ENJOY it!”

However the story-telling in the zones in Draenor is pretty excellent taken on their own and some mechanics, like the zone garrison abilities, are pretty neat too. So if Blizzard can keep the story quality and quantity high this time I’ll be happy regardless of the other stuff.

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  1. Meznir says:

    If you don’t like your weapon, there will be two options: 1) They are adding quite a lot of skins and recolours for each artifact, so there may be a skin you do like 2) You can transmog it (though not often to a different weapon type, though sometimes like staff->polearm).

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