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Vanilla 1.12

So while I was away there was this announcement that World of Warcraft Classic will be based on patch 1.12 (Drums of War). This gives a lot of clarity to what this ‘snapshot’ version of the game will look like, … Continue reading

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Non-combat abilities are cool

Massively OP had a discussion topic on non-combat abilities yesterday. It’s a topic I care about, if only MMORPGs had more non-violent or flavourful abilities I’d be happy! Combat remains the main focus of most character skills in all the … Continue reading

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Making it easier to return to a MMORPG

As someone who plays a variety of MMORPGs, I do face the problem of returning to a game and not finding the return a very easy or pleasant experience. The feeling of confusion as you stare at rows of forgotten … Continue reading

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The puzzle of add-ons

I read with interest a post by Rohan on a puzzle boss in Final Fantasy 14. I’ve no experience of this myself, but imagining it I doubt I’d be able to do the maths quickly enough to stand much chance … Continue reading

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Alt-friendly MMOs and longer-term engagement

In a recent post UltrViolet talks about taking a break from FFXIV, one reason for this being the game’s relative alt-unfriendliness: Normally, in games I really like (such as FFXIV), when I reach the end of a character’s journey, I … Continue reading

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MMORPGs and new graphics engines

I’m not that hung up on graphics when it comes to the choices I make of which MMORPGs to play or not to play. That’s not to say I care nothing about graphic quality or style, but it’s not top … Continue reading

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Discussing difficulty in MMORPGs

Massively OP had a discussion piece two days ago on difficulty in MMORPGs that was an interesting read, and that generated some incisive comments from the community. I’ll cherry-pick a few points to add my own thoughts too in this … Continue reading

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