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Player created treasure hunts

Playing through the latest of the Yun Zi summer event quests got me to thinking about treasure hunts. These quests are a delightful excuse to go flying around old zones and visiting places that I may or may not have … Continue reading

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WoW: spell graphic changes

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours in World of Warcraft playing dungeons with a mix of different friends and family. As per usual we shifted between characters to make-up for any lack of healer or tank character in a … Continue reading

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Back to a gaming plethora

So I’m back from a wonderful holiday and have spent hours yesterday and today catching up with the RSS reader and news websites. Gaming-wise the first priority was to ‘token-up’ in World of Warcraft so I could dive into the … Continue reading

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Gliding and movement as gameplay

We’ve played a good amount of time in the first of the Maguuma zones, Verdant Brink, I’m impressed with how the expansion integrated different movement ability unlocks as part of the gameplay. Gliding is unlocked pretty quickly and offers the … Continue reading

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WoW: Next Expansion Clues

[Meznir here again, hijacking Telwyn’s blog to talk about WoW] It’s getting to that time of [every other] year again, when World of Warcraft players are on tenterhooks to hear what the next expansion will be. Often by now we … Continue reading

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Two minds on the gear grind

A couple of different articles have brought me to thinking about grind in MMORPGs. Shintar¬†writes at Going Commando an update on the Command XP system that was introduced to Star Wars the Old Republic this year. The system allows you … Continue reading

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Getting me interested in a new MMORPG

As the years pass and tastes seemingly change I find myself not actually looking forward to any specific upcoming MMORPGs at the moment, I find that kind of sad as the first few years of this blog were notable for … Continue reading

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