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WoW: class mounts

The last major patch for WoW has brought a few new things for the more casual player, like myself, including the unlocking of new class mounts. Pictured above is my Druid main in his new owl flight form. I haven’t … Continue reading

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How well do you know your virtual world?

I’ve been picking away at the Anniversary quests in Lord of the Rings Online the last week or so and it’s reminded me just how enormous and complicated Middle Earth is. The quests named after individual heroes of the Fellowship … Continue reading

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Treasured items

On my more MMORPG well-played characters¬† I have certain treasured items, items that I value for their utility or style rather than their raw power. I give a few examples below of such items to illustrate what I’m talking about … Continue reading

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WoW: Arcane Mage time

I’ve been playing a Mage alt in World of Warcraft as the latest character to play through the class hall campaign, he was my instant level 100 back from the Legion expansion’s launch. I haven’t had much time with this … Continue reading

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Finding low level dungeon groups

Patterns of play can come full circle I’m finding – my early years in MMOs was dominated by running dungeons. Yes, I spent time questing in a pair or trio to level characters, but at every opportunity we’d drop questing … Continue reading

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Gathering gameplay

I played a good amount of Everquest 2 over the weekend, any crafting session in this MMORPG invariably involves some gathering as well since you burn through materials pretty quickly. As I flew around the Eidolon Jungle looking for wood, … Continue reading

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Spreadsheets for MMO characters

For the MMORPGs that I’ve played more seriously, I have invariably at some point created a record of my various characters progress. Since I’m a computer scientist I tend to use spreadsheets for simple lists of such info. On my … Continue reading

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