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Dungeon delvings #IntPiPoMo2017

This is my fourth post in the IntPiPoMo series for November. Here I showcase dungeon delving as a common activity in MMORPGs. 1. World of Warcraft We’ve run the Legion expansion dungeons a lot this year! 2. Star Wars the … Continue reading

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Most played characters #IntPiPoMo2017

For my second International Picture Posting Month photo selection, I’m going to illustrate some of the characters in MMORPG I’ve played the most. I highlight here that favourite is not always the same as most played – I do try … Continue reading

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WoW classic

As part of the Blizzcon opening ceremony, official support for WoW classic servers in the future were announced alongside the Battle for Azeroth expansion. The video was about as low on detail as it could be – just play a … Continue reading

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Roads most travelled #IntPiPoMo2017

This post is part of a series for IntPiPoMo 2017, posts that highlight screenshots from my MMORPG gaming. Here I feature pictures that capture very well trodden roads or routes in games, ones that my characters travel most often as … Continue reading

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World of Warcraft expansion info-dump

So Friday the Blizzcon opening ceremony happened and the next expansion for World of Warcraft was revealed: Battle for Azeroth. The announcement had a good list of features, although lots of details are still not known as yet, such as … Continue reading

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EQ2: Planes of Power

I see via Massively OP that the pricing and packages for pre-order of the next EQ2 expansion have been announced. Prices seem to be going up and up across the industry for these, and the decline in the value of … Continue reading

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Don’t forget to look up!

A work-colleague once extolled me to always remember to look up when touring a new city or place. Whether it’s to see unusual architecture, a pleasing vista or something further away; it does prove true, even walking around my own … Continue reading

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