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Social items in MMORPGs

It occurred to me over the weekend that MMO’s by their design can encourage socialising, or not, by even simple little design choices. One of the Mage features in Legion is to summon an image of Archmage Vargoth who will … Continue reading

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AFK, prep and mobile-tie ins

This weekend has been dominated, in part, by gaming preparations for an AFK break – we’re off on holiday from tomorrow. For the MMO player that means certain specific tasks are probably due: like checking for almost expired mails on … Continue reading

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WoW: flying unlocked, though not in Legion

Last night I finally unlocked flying in Warlords of Draenor. It’s not something I’ve actively been working on, but on our recent Deathknight tour through the zone I managed to tick off a number of sub-achievements and suddenly it seemed … Continue reading

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NPCs and the replayability issue

Shintar has a post over at Going Commando about non-player characters (NPCs). I was reminded of this topic while playing WoW with my husband yesterday. We were doing Broken Shore world quests for the daily reputation boost hand-in. Repeating the … Continue reading

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WoW: progress and alts

The Broken Shore content from patch 7.2 has focused my thoughts and playtime in WoW around which characters to progress and in what order. There’s plenty of grinding to be done in this expansion: artifact power first and foremost, but … Continue reading

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WoW: a quest-free jaunt through Draenor

Bhagpuss’ post about a leveling in LOTRO with minimal questing came to mind recently when my husband and I reached Draenor on our pair of Deathknights in World of Warcraft. My character had languished for years at level 78, my … Continue reading

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WoW: 7.2 is golden

So patch 7.2 has landed and we have some new open world content in the form of the Broken Shore zone. It’s a mix of new world quests, world bosses inspired by those in last summer’s invasion event and an … Continue reading

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