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Mountain vistas – IntPoPiMo 2016 (3)

This post is the third in a series this month for International Picture Posting Month, see this post for more details. Although I enjoy a variety of biomes in my online gaming, mountains have always inspired me for some reason. … Continue reading

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My favourite MMORPGs – IntPiPoMo 2016 (1)

As the first in a series of posts for the 2016 version of International Picture Posting Month, I’m posting pictures here that capture aspects of my favourite MMORPGs, illustrating in “a picture is worth a thousand words” way why I … Continue reading

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Juggling MMOs – timeouts and reminders

Having multiple MMORPGs to play is great in terms of keeping myself entertained regardless of burnout, a sudden whim for variety or the odd server downtime. This September my gaming time has been more limited, not terribly constrained, but I’ve … Continue reading

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Demon invasion countdown, Minas Tirith and Arcterra

The start date is finally here to the pre-launch event for the Legion expansion of World of Warcraft: the 9th August. The Demon Hunter class will also unlock then too, although that interests me less. I didn’t bother with the … Continue reading

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Challenge in early gameplay for groups

A good chunk of my gaming time is devoted to playing MMOs with my husband and a close friend, it’s the reason why I often post on this blog about cooperative gameplay. In trying to find another game to play … Continue reading

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Wildstar: ding level 50!

Despite my concerns I wouldn’t have time to play enough last weekend, I did indeed ding my Engineer level 50 – going from level 41 to the cap in three shortish play-sessions. Very happy to have reached level 50 finally, … Continue reading

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Wildstar: bonus XP!

Sadly I had forgotten about this weekend being a bonus XP weekend in Wildstar. So it was only this morning, when I logged into the game to level my Engineer, that I realised the event was on. My Engi was … Continue reading

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