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TSW: The Christmas Conspiracy

We decided to try and find something to do in The Secret World together as a trio last night, although I hadn’t found details of any new mission additions for 2016 Krampusnacht festive event. Strangely it appears we missed giving … Continue reading

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A dungeon without combat?

I was recently reading up on the newest expansion for Rift, Starfall Prophecy, and I came across this rather interesting feature – a puzzle dungeon. Most questing content, and certainly the overwhelming majority of dungeons, in MMORPGs involves a good … Continue reading

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TSW: Samhain

Over the weekend we indulged in a little session of The Secret World as a break from lots of Dungeons and Dragons (of the pen and paper variety). The Samhain event is in full swing in the game at present … Continue reading

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TSW: financial news and content musings

Via Massively’s post I read that Funcom have hinted at a new content update for 2017 as part of their latest quarterly financial report. There’s just one bullet point of interest to me, as a player of The Secret World: … Continue reading

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My favourite MMORPGs – IntPiPoMo 2016 (1)

As the first in a series of posts for the 2016 version of International Picture Posting Month, I’m posting pictures here that capture aspects of my favourite MMORPGs, illustrating in “a picture is worth a thousand words” way why I … Continue reading

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Challenge in early gameplay for groups

A good chunk of my gaming time is devoted to playing MMOs with my husband and a close friend, it’s the reason why I often post on this blog about cooperative gameplay. In trying to find another game to play … Continue reading

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TSW: Issue 14, a coop perspective

We played through Issue 14, Call of the Nameless, in The Secret World this weekend. We’d been on the verge of buying it for some time but wanted to have a good chunk of time free to give to playing … Continue reading

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