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Please make NPC interactions easy…

Some MMORPGs have user interface issues, issues that you come up against again, and again, and again. Basic stuff like interacting with NPCs for instance. This is mainly an issue in ‘action MMOs’ – games where the cursor is locked … Continue reading

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What I’m playing this summer

With the shift into proper summer weather I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be playing MMORPG-wise over the lazy summer months. I read Syp’s two lists of upcoming MMOs with interest, but so few upcoming games actually interest me in … Continue reading

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The puzzle of add-ons

I read with interest a post by Rohan on a puzzle boss in Final Fantasy 14. I’ve no experience of this myself, but imagining it I doubt I’d be able to do the maths quickly enough to stand much chance … Continue reading

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Wrapping up Carpathian Fangs #SWL

Last play session we closed in on the end of the game’s original zones, our next blue mission is to go to “the breach”. We have one long set of missions to go before entering Tokyo for the second time. … Continue reading

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Stunning landscapes #ESO #SWL

Playing a few games recently I’ve been stopped in my tracks to just admire the vista as my character travels around. Despite the MMORPGs that I play not being the newest, the graphics and the environments can still be beautiful. … Continue reading

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Alt-friendly MMOs and longer-term engagement

In a recent post UltrViolet talks about taking a break from FFXIV, one reason for this being the game’s relative alt-unfriendliness: Normally, in games I really like (such as FFXIV), when I reach the end of a character’s journey, I … Continue reading

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F2P and what I’ll pay for #ESO #NWPC #SWL #SWTOR

Tobold has an interesting post up about free to play models and a Downton Abbey inspired classification of players as ‘masters’ or ‘servants’ (those paying for service(s), and those providing the service(s)). As is noted by comments on the post, … Continue reading

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