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Subscriptions comeback?

This blog turned five yesterday – so I’ve been reflecting on the big changes the MMORPG industry has witnessed in those years. One, the conversion of so many games to a Free-to-Play model, seems to be reversing at this moment. … Continue reading

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Trove: 2nd impressions

So by now I’ve played a half-dozen good sessions in Trion’s Minecraft-style MMORPG, Trove. I’ve unlocked three classes so far on my character: Shadowhunter (starter choice), Chloromancer (free unlock from Rift MMO) and Candy Barbarian (which I bought with the … Continue reading

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2016 starts in Trove!

Although I had planned to start the year with a predictive post about what I’m planning to play, my regular gaming trio has somewhat randomly ended up in Trion’s highly colourful and stylised MMO, Trove. Over the last few days … Continue reading

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