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Login promos

This week I’ve come across a couple of promo campaigns to get some benefits in different MMORPGs. Although my gaming plate is pretty full already I can spare enough time to pop in regularly to earn anything I can as … Continue reading

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Tera’s male Brawler

I was surprised to read a few days ago over at Massively OP about a new class coming to Tera, or more appropriately a new class variant – the male Brawler. I will refrain from reposting the teaser video, punching … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the lizards! #TESOnline #Everquestii

Followers of this blog may have noticed I like to play unusual and larger-than-life characters in MMORPGs. If there’s a race or character model that’s further from a bog-standard human then I’m mostly likely to choose it. I particulary like … Continue reading

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The leveling dungeons disconnect

I read with interest the recent LOTRO post over at Massively OP about the group finder. It brought a few thoughts together that I’ve had of late regarding grouping and the impact that has on my enjoyment and motivation levels … Continue reading

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A:IR – an MMO to watch for in 2018?

I haven’t really got any new MMORPGs that I’m watching at present as games I’ll want to play, or at least I didn’t have any until I watched the lengthy and varied reveal trailer for Ascent: Infinite Realm (a k … Continue reading

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Two minds on the gear grind

A couple of different articles have brought me to thinking about grind in MMORPGs. Shintar¬†writes at Going Commando an update on the Command XP system that was introduced to Star Wars the Old Republic this year. The system allows you … Continue reading

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Getting me interested in a new MMORPG

As the years pass and tastes seemingly change I find myself not actually looking forward to any specific upcoming MMORPGs at the moment, I find that kind of sad as the first few years of this blog were notable for … Continue reading

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