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Back to some dailies and maybe more #SWTOR

Over the last week or so I’ve logged back into Star Wars the Old Republic a few times. I’d come back to take a look at where I’d left my Jedi Shadow main somewhere near the start of patch 5.9. … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Free time is short this holiday period, and I’ve no opportunities for blogging or gaming. So I’ll take this brief opportunity to wish a very Merry Christmas to all my readers. Here’s for a brighter and more harmonious 2019 too!

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Coming back is sometimes easier

I’ve written before about some MMORPGs as being easy to return to because of time invested and how familiar the game systems and setting might be. This was certainly my experience dipping back into Star Wars the Old Republic this … Continue reading

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A sense of grandeur in MMORPGs

Playing dungeons with our friends in World of Warcraft recently I was reminded of just how much I appreciate the background details that many players may not even notice as they race from boss fight to boss fight. The Battle … Continue reading

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MMO gaming news this week

I’ll take this post to cover a trio of news items from this week that affect games I play/have played. Lord of the Rings Online progression server So Standing Stones Games are bringing a progression server out for LOTRO, a … Continue reading

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Pace of play pressures

An MMORPG expansion lays bear a particular problem of the genre, the incessant peer pressure to be pushing forwards as fast as possible. Some games may encourage or demand this more through game systems or update schedules, but I think … Continue reading

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Decorative vs functional housing #EverquestII #Wildstar

A recent post about SWTOR housing over at Going Commando, and subsequent comments, started me thinking about what I look for from player housing in MMORPGs. Most of the blog posts I’ve seen about housing relate to decoration – the … Continue reading

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