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ESO: racial choice: race change or reroll?

While playing Elder Scrolls Online recently I had a bit of a dilemma over my solo character’s race. He’s my Argonian Dragonknight character, an unwitting clone perhaps of my EQ2 Sarnak Shadowknight. Playing through a major Deshaan quest chain set … Continue reading

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Sounds that motivate gameplay

I was playing Elder Scrolls Online yesterday on my solo Dragonknight character and I was struck by just how effective and siren-like the sound and visual designs are for Dark Anchors (a k a Dolmen). These public events are regular … Continue reading

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Rift: elemental consumables

One of the little things in Rift that I’ve always appreciated are the variety and character of the various consumables that drop when you’re out questing or rifting. These items are one-use buff items are common in the genre whether … Continue reading

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Rift: levels and builds

I’ve been focusing on non-linear content in Rift of late because I was finding my character too weak to tackle quests in Draumheim, probably due to his gear being somewhat behind the difficulty curve. There’s no shortage of what else … Continue reading

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Rift: carnage quests synergies

I was running some Instant Adventures in Rift when I noticed, for the first time, the synergy between this jump-in questing activity and the carnage quest type. Instant Adventures seem to often take place in low-level areas of Mathosia or … Continue reading

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Surreal virtual moments

I’ve been extra glad of some pure virtual escapism as real world news gets worse and worse. I’ve greatly appreciated several recent moments in MMO games that featured imaginative storytelling, plain surreal situations and unexpected humour. SWTOR I can’t say … Continue reading

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Rift: roadblock quests

Before the weekend I came across an example in Rift of what I’ve decided to call a ‘roadblock quest’, one that I need to complete in order to continue the main storyline of the expansion, but one that isn’t doable … Continue reading

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