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Making it easier to return to a MMORPG

As someone who plays a variety of MMORPGs, I do face the problem of returning to a game and not finding the return a very easy or pleasant experience. The feeling of confusion as you stare at rows of forgotten … Continue reading

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Catching up #everquestII #eq2 #RiftPrime #RiftGame

I’m back from holiday and trying to catch up with all the missed blogging and news that’s come out this last two weeks, it’s going to be a rushed and partial attempt as I have other obligations on my time … Continue reading

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An MMO postcard (4/4)

I’m away for a couple of weeks on holiday, so here’s the last scheduled post: a MMO postcard of sorts. While away I like to see ruins: the odd castle or historical building. I also love to see natural beauty, … Continue reading

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MMORPGs as interactive entertainment

Stargrace has a recent post talking about game and movie crossovers. The topic interested me particularly because of the interactive role we get to play as protagonist: The appeal of most video games is the chance to be the hero … Continue reading

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Population sweet-spots #RiftPrime

I imagine that MMORPG development is very difficult conceptually, not even the game development itself, but dealing with a potentially large and fractious playerbase cannot be easy to plan for. As I plod through Rift Prime’s Stonefield zone I’m feeling … Continue reading

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Riding around virtual worlds #EverquestII #RiftPrime

Over the course of the weekend I’ve squeezed in some solid sessions of MMORPG goodness. I’ve done several stints of leveling my Inquisitor in Planes of Power, now at level 105. Questing in EQ2 is super relaxing gaming usually, although … Continue reading

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Coming along swimmingly #RiftPrime

My baby Cleric is leveling nicely in Freemarch when I have time to play on Vigil. Now a newly dinged level 15 I’m pushing through the middle of the zone, but also vacuuming up quests that I may have missed. … Continue reading

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