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Player created treasure hunts

Playing through the latest of the Yun Zi summer event quests got me to thinking about treasure hunts. These quests are a delightful excuse to go flying around old zones and visiting places that I may or may not have … Continue reading

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Progression on multiple fronts

I’m mixing it up gaming wise at the moment as the summer draws on. I couldn’t have predicted the changes that have come over the last few weeks, so here’s an update on what I’ve been playing more recently. Guild … Continue reading

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NW: missing the gateway

I’m away for the weekend at time of posting and find myself nostalgically wishing the Neverwinter Gateway was still around. It’s been almost a year since this web-based portal for the game closed. For long train journeys and downtime, while … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: mixing it up

The campaign system in Neverwinter is actually pretty interesting. As I level my Hunter Ranger from 60 to 70 I’m mixing it up slightly by doing Tyranny of Dragons content (which scales for a wide range of levels), and the … Continue reading

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Good and bad timings

There’s always something going on in MMORPG land, I have often missed expansion or game launches by being too busy or away at the wrong moment. Watching the reveal of Guild Wars 2 I was briefly excited at the thought … Continue reading

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Neverwinter: Casual group content can work

I’ve been plugging away at the Tyranny of Dragons campaign in Neverwinter on my Hunter Ranger and it struck me that the casual approach to group content in the game seems to work pretty well. Not that I’m running dungeons … Continue reading

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Two minds on the gear grind

A couple of different articles have brought me to thinking about grind in MMORPGs. Shintar¬†writes at Going Commando an update on the Command XP system that was introduced to Star Wars the Old Republic this year. The system allows you … Continue reading

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