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Garish mounts

Massively has a discussion post about garish mounts and whether players should be able to hide them or have an option to filter them to be more lore appropriate. Many MMORPGs do go all out with a huge variety of … Continue reading

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Back and catchup time

A week away is a long time in the blogosphere / MMO news cycle. I missed quite a few things going down, most notably for me: Elder Scrolls Online’s expansion announcement – Morrowind This has drawn my eye back to … Continue reading

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LOTRO: expansion news

I read last night, via Massively OP, that Standing Stone Games has been talking about the plans for this year for Lord of the Rings Online. The major piece of news is that our character’s adventures in Mordor, the focus … Continue reading

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Gaming mix in early 2017

My current MMORPG gaming mix has changed somewhat since coming back from the holidays, as usual I have more stalwart games than I can find time to play so I have my usual shortlist that I try to concentrate on … Continue reading

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2017 gaming resolutions

Hot on the heels of my review of last year’s gaming goals, here’s some new ones for 2017. 1. Back to the Stars. I have had a very fantasy-heavy Autumn/Winter in 2016, so it’s time for me to indulge in … Continue reading

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2016 gaming resolutions reviewed

Back in January I did a ‘gaming resolutions’ post for the first time, here’s a quick review of those resolutions and how I’ve done! 1. Get to that Cap 100% for the first goal of the year – I reached … Continue reading

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MMO gaming isn’t so mobile

All week I’ve been away from home visiting relatives. We’ve been busy doing non-MMO activities (including some Magic The Gathering!), so I’ve barely set foot in a virtual world all week. That absence from gaming has been deepened by just … Continue reading

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