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What if WoW had…

Although I wasn’t playing gaming over the weekend we did discuss it amongst family as several family members still play World of Warcraft actively. During these discussions certain points came up that, for me, represent baffling gaps in this game’s … Continue reading

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The importance of trading in MMORPGs

Massively asked a Daily Grind question yesterday on the importance of person-to-person trading in MMOs. It’s something that I actually firmly believe should be in MMORPGs as one of several means for players to interact with others in economic terms. … Continue reading

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Discussing difficulty in MMORPGs

Massively OP had a discussion piece two days ago on difficulty in MMORPGs that was an interesting read, and that generated some incisive comments from the community. I’ll cherry-pick a few points to add my own thoughts too in this … Continue reading

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New uses for junk items?

I read recently a D&D (pen and paper) blog post about giving players items that aren’t obviously weapons to encourage them to think of solutions to challenges that do not automatically involve combat. This idea combined with recent gameplay experiences … Continue reading

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Save those names #RIFTgame and touching base

I am reminded via Twitter that I should log into my Rift characters to ensure their name is safe in the upcoming release of old names. Time's almost up! Log into #RIFTgame today to save your character names! … Continue reading

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My favourite posts of 2017

As we close another year I’ll use this last post of the year to review some of my favourite MMORPG blog posts from 2017. For this selection I’ve incorporated a mix of favourite memories alongside some of the more comparative … Continue reading

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The leveling dungeons disconnect

I read with interest the recent LOTRO post over at Massively OP about the group finder. It brought a few thoughts together that I’ve had of late regarding grouping and the impact that has on my enjoyment and motivation levels … Continue reading

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