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Progression on multiple fronts

I’m mixing it up gaming wise at the moment as the summer draws on. I couldn’t have predicted the changes that have come over the last few weeks, so here’s an update on what I’ve been playing more recently. Guild … Continue reading

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Sometimes getting started isn’t so easy

Sometimes an attempt at dipping back into a game for a simple task can lead to long and satisfying gaming sessions or a lot of confusion, or both. Bhagpuss’ comment on a recent post alerted me to the fact that … Continue reading

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Good and bad timings

There’s always something going on in MMORPG land, I have often missed expansion or game launches by being too busy or away at the wrong moment. Watching the reveal of Guild Wars 2 I was briefly excited at the thought … Continue reading

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Holding patterns

I’m feeling like my gaming is a bit on holdĀ  at the moment, that’s not to say I’m not gaming, but there are things on the horizon that I’m waiting for, so the games that I am playing may well … Continue reading

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LOTRO: Mordor beckons

I was surprised this last week by the announced timing of the Mordor expansion for Lord of the Rings Online – it is coming soon, possibly as soon as the 31st July. Although I’ve been rather focused on Norrath for … Continue reading

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Getting me interested in a new MMORPG

As the years pass and tastes seemingly change I find myself not actually looking forward to any specific upcoming MMORPGs at the moment, I find that kind of sad as the first few years of this blog were notable for … Continue reading

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The highs and lows of side quests

Syp of the Bio Break blog started a discussion, earlier this week, about the value of side quests, or indeed whether they still have any value at all. More prominent storytelling in many MMORPGs has caused a split between quests … Continue reading

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