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Dungeon delvings #IntPiPoMo2017

This is my fourth post in the IntPiPoMo series for November. Here I showcase dungeon delving as a common activity in MMORPGs. 1. World of Warcraft We’ve run the Legion expansion dungeons a lot this year! 2. Star Wars the … Continue reading

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GW: finding my own vistas #IntPiPoMo2017

For this third post in the IntPiPoMo series for November, I’m including some Guild Wars 2 screenshots that I’ve taken that could easily have been marked as vistas but weren’t. vistas are a great motivator for exploring (often by climbing) … Continue reading

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Most played characters #IntPiPoMo2017

For my second International Picture Posting Month photo selection, I’m going to illustrate some of the characters in MMORPG I’ve played the most. I highlight here that favourite is not always the same as most played – I do try … Continue reading

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#IntPiPoMo 2017

Chestnut of the Gamer Girl Confessions blog is organising once again the International Picture Posting Month blogging initiative to fill your blogfeeds with beautiful, colourful and varied screenshots. I’ve enjoyed this annual event as a way to admire the games … Continue reading

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GW2: a supporting role in story

We came across an interesting coop twist in a Path of Fire story instance last night. I’m used to Guild Wars 2 generally providing pretty good for our duo gameplay preference, but this was something more obviously a supporting role. … Continue reading

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Autumn gaming update

Although there’s been quite a lot of heavy commentary about Pay to Win and lockboxes of late, I haven’t felt that drawn into the arguments myself. I’m AFKish this weekend to do a weekend of D&D (pen and paper ftw!), … Continue reading

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Climbing is fun!

Having spent the last post singing the praises of Guild Wars 2’s mounts, this post addresses another aspect of movement in MMORPGs: climbing. I’m not sure why but I love MMOs where you can actually climb things. It’s another movement … Continue reading

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