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Non-combat abilities are cool

Massively OP had a discussion topic on non-combat abilities yesterday. It’s a topic I care about, if only MMORPGs had more non-violent or flavourful abilities I’d be happy! Combat remains the main focus of most character skills in all the … Continue reading

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MMORPGs and new graphics engines

I’m not that hung up on graphics when it comes to the choices I make of which MMORPGs to play or not to play. That’s not to say I care nothing about graphic quality or style, but it’s not top … Continue reading

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MMORPGs as interactive entertainment

Stargrace has a recent post talking about game and movie crossovers. The topic interested me particularly because of the interactive role we get to play as protagonist: The appeal of most video games is the chance to be the hero … Continue reading

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Cleaning up #GW2

Although I’ve not made great strides yet to implement all the great advice on my inventory problem, we have been busy tidying up zones in Guild Wars 2, working on map completion in Heart of Thorns. The maps are pretty … Continue reading

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Inventory is full, again #GW2

Inventory management is a constant part of all the MMORPGs that I play, although it’s more of a pressing problem in some rather than others. It isn’t something that I particularly enjoy, in the same way that the micromanagement of … Continue reading

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Get your Asura on! #gw2

Yesterday we caught up with the latest chapter of the Living World Season 4’s episodic story in Guild Wars 2, Bug in the System. We didn’t have time to explore the new zone afterwards, this was a quick play-through of … Continue reading

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Taking to the skies #GuildWars2

Finally today we unlocked our Griffon mounts on our Asura pair. Once we’d earned our 250 gold, we took a break from Maguuma for a couple of sessions to go through the last of the unlock chain. N.B. This post … Continue reading

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