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Multiplayer mounts in MMORPGs

We make a lot of use of multiplayer mounts in World of Warcraft, I feel they are a really nice feature of that game. There are two player and three player mounts in the game, giving passengers an easy ride … Continue reading

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Do devs need to reinvent the (systems) wheel all the time?

Shintar writes about the recently announced wholesale changes to the endgame gearing system in Star Wars The Old Republic coming in the next expansion. I’ve never really engaged with the endgame in SWTOR so it will not affect me directly, … Continue reading

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WoW: jewelcrafting mini-game weirdness

So I’ve accumulated three different items with a prismatic gem slot on my Druid main in World or Warcraft, and this finally prompted me to star work on my Mage’s jewelcrafting profession. As part of an early quest you get … Continue reading

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Summer heat

This summer has been rather lovely so far – plenty of sunshine and some pretty warm weather. That has impacted on my gaming time somewhat as I’ve been tempted out to go for walks a lot more than I have … Continue reading

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Payment model data and evolution

Gamasutra has an article about payment models based on some research of esports gamers. Here’s a link to the article and a link directly to the research report. The headline blares that “Devs are backing away from Free-to-Play” with a … Continue reading

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The freedom to roam

On Monday evening I had a pretty momentous moment in Lord of the Rings Online. I’ve been playing through the Gondor content and had reached, finally, Dol Amroth. Looking at the map to identify where my quests zones were, it … Continue reading

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How easy is it to “just play with friends” in different MMORPGs?

A topic I often refer to on this blog is my desire for removing the barriers to grouping in the MMORPGs that I play – especially while levelling. I game with my partner often and with friends as well. So … Continue reading

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