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Faction and NPC races #ESO #WoW

Something that’s quite different between Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft is the lack of exclusivity of the factions and races that make up those factions in the former game. In World of Warcraft you wouldn’t ever expect to … Continue reading

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Vikings are cool #eso

Growing up I was moderately interested in old things, and coming from the UK, was aware of the Viking raids and settlements that formed part of the tapestry of my town and country’s long history. So I’ve always rather liked … Continue reading

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What if WoW had…

Although I wasn’t playing gaming over the weekend we did discuss it amongst family as several family members still play World of Warcraft actively. During these discussions certain points came up that, for me, represent baffling gaps in this game’s … Continue reading

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Pleased to see other players #eso

For the most part when I see other players as my Dragonknight runs around Tamriel, I’m happy for whatever chance encounters that come along. This being a MMORPG, one would almost hope for some multiplayer element to the gameplay, and … Continue reading

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E3 multiplayer reflections

Having finally caught up with some of the deluge of coverage for E3, I’m left with little to no change to my current mode MMO-gaming wise. Long-gone are the heady days of the early 2010s, where new MMORPG releases were … Continue reading

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At-home in the mountains #ESO

I’m not sure why, but I do love mountainous zones in MMORPGs. My main in Elder Scrolls Online is now in Eastmarch, and I’m loving the zone. I grew up in a particularly flat part of the country, then moved … Continue reading

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Please make NPC interactions easy…

Some MMORPGs have user interface issues, issues that you come up against again, and again, and again. Basic stuff like interacting with NPCs for instance. This is mainly an issue in ‘action MMOs’ – games where the cursor is locked … Continue reading

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