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ESO: a first dungeon foray

Recently our leveling trio in Elder Scrolls Online made its first foray into a group dungeon: we’ve done delve ‘mini’ dungeons many times but this was our first try at a proper group instance. Since we’re playing Aldmeri Dominion for … Continue reading

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ESO: racial choice: race change or reroll?

While playing Elder Scrolls Online recently I had a bit of a dilemma over my solo character’s race. He’s my Argonian Dragonknight character, an unwitting clone perhaps of my EQ2 Sarnak Shadowknight. Playing through a major Deshaan quest chain set … Continue reading

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AFK, prep and mobile-tie ins

This weekend has been dominated, in part, by gaming preparations for an AFK break – we’re off on holiday from tomorrow. For the MMO player that means certain specific tasks are probably due: like checking for almost expired mails on … Continue reading

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ESO: weapon set dilemmas

We’re still playing Elder Scrolls Online as a trio, although this is juggled somewhat with playing World of Warcraft with a wider group of friends so progress has slowed. My personal goals in-game remain to gradually explore this version of … Continue reading

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Crafting gear for alts

I picked up a Ratonga Ranger alt in Everquest 2 recently, I can’t even remember why I created him but noticed him on the login screen and thought it was time to play him. One thing I’ve not done before … Continue reading

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Developer appreciation week 2017

One of the annual blogosphere activities is the Developer Appreciation Week, where bloggers take a break from critique and negativity to actually praise the vast amounts of unsung effort that the continued development of MMORPGs must require. Although I’m probably … Continue reading

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ESO: anniversary bake-off

It’s the third anniversary of Elder Scrolls Online launching and the game celebrates this with a baking-themed quest. I wasn’t playing on previous anniversaries so it’s the first time I’ve seen Donolon, the “Wizard of Whisking”. The quest is simple … Continue reading

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