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All the fun of Wrothgar #TESOnline

Last night I had a great session of gaming, though in fact I played both Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft. It’s normal for me to play more than one game of an evening, if time permits. Multi-MMO gaming … Continue reading

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Bottled utility #Warcraft #TESOnline

I’ve written on occasion of how much I like the alchemy profession or its equivalent in MMORPGs. Crafting potions brings some much-needed utility to your character, not just the ‘red and blue’ potions that many would first think of. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Gear as character progression #Warcraft #EverquestII #TESOnline

We had an interesting discussion while playing World of Warcraft yesterday: namely on the issue of character progression for the last few expansions. This is a follow-on topic from yesterday’s post in part. The complaint was that in modern WoW … Continue reading

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Interactive objects #BattleforAzeroth #TESOnline #DDOUnlimited

I’ve been praising the environments and landscapes of Battle for Azeroth’s new zones in the last couple of posts. Something I would like to see in future World of Warcraft content, however, is more interactivity in the indoor spaces. There … Continue reading

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Staying motivated #BlaugustReborn

We’re into the penultimate week of the Blaugust Reborn blogging event already! This week has the theme of ‘staying motivated’, i.e. sharing tips on how to keep writing after such an intensive few weeks. It feels like a particularly apt … Continue reading

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Massively on Murkmire #BlaugustReborn #TESOnline #MassivelyOP

This being developer appreciation week, I’ve decided to share a link to the latest Tamriel Infinium post on Massively OP. The post is a fun deconstruction of the recent Murkmire teaser video – just the sort of thing I enjoy … Continue reading

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Collect the things #TESOnline

The Orsinium DLC has some ‘extras’ alongside the zone story and boss fights. One particular activity I really appreciate is the collection of museum artifacts. These Orsimer (a k a orc) treasures are scattered through the zone, so if you’re … Continue reading

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