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An intro about intros #IntPiPoMo2018

For my first post in this year’s IntPiPoMo series, I thought I’d look at intros to games specifically – a first post about first plays if you will. Not all MMORPGs pitch the start of the game in the same … Continue reading

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Murkmire bound

After being distracted for several weeks with other games, I finally got around to picking up the Murkmire DLC pre-quest chain yesterday. It actually took me a while to run through this in order for my Dragonknight to reach his … Continue reading

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Murkmire prologue quests

I learned via a Massively OP article that the Murkmire DLC is coming to Elder Scrolls Online. According to this same info there was already (at time of reading) a pre-quest available in-game as a prologue to the expansion. I … Continue reading

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A week in MMO gaming

So what does a week look like for me as a multi-MMO gamer? Following on from a non-gaming Q&A post, I thought with this post I’d give a gaming update, with the aim that it shows the sort of mix … Continue reading

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All the fun of Wrothgar #TESOnline

Last night I had a great session of gaming, though in fact I played both Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft. It’s normal for me to play more than one game of an evening, if time permits. Multi-MMO gaming … Continue reading

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Bottled utility #Warcraft #TESOnline

I’ve written on occasion of how much I like the alchemy profession or its equivalent in MMORPGs. Crafting potions brings some much-needed utility to your character, not just the ‘red and blue’ potions that many would first think of. Yesterday … Continue reading

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Gear as character progression #Warcraft #EverquestII #TESOnline

We had an interesting discussion while playing World of Warcraft yesterday: namely on the issue of character progression for the last few expansions. This is a follow-on topic from yesterday’s post in part. The complaint was that in modern WoW … Continue reading

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