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New uses for junk items?

I read recently a D&D (pen and paper) blog post about giving players items that aren’t obviously weapons to encourage them to think of solutions to challenges that do not automatically involve combat. This idea combined with recent gameplay experiences … Continue reading

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Disguise gameplay #ElderScrollsOnline

I had fun with an extended ‘stealthy’ quest area, the Hatching Pools in Shadowfen in Elder Scrolls Online. As well as the main zone quest that took me to the area, there were a few side quests to do. Like … Continue reading

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What would attract me back to World of Warcraft

Massively OP’s latest Daily Grind community discussion column is “What would it take to get you back into WoW?”. It’s a simple enough question and one that I’ve been contemplating since the announcement of Battle for Azeroth. At present I’m … Continue reading

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Class abilities as gameplay

Playing some Elder Scrolls Online I was pondering where skills or abilities that in some games are specific class abilities are made gameplay features across all characters. Specifically in ESO all characters can sneak around even if the Rogue-like Nightblade¬† … Continue reading

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Sticking to the one mount

For games that have mounts, and with Guild Wars 2 adding them last year most of the games I play do have them, I often find myself subconsciously or actively selecting mounts for different characters and I rarely vary from … Continue reading

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Slow down?

I’ve found myself playing mostly action MMORPGs again, we’ve been back in Guild Wars 2 for some time now, and after Christmas I really got back into a groove solo’ing in Elder Scrolls Online again. In both games it’s easy … Continue reading

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Audio delights #TESOnline

Playing some Elder Scrolls Online this weekend I’ve been delighted by environmental sounds in very different ways. Beyond any music, having strong environmental sounds as a background to your gaming can be a major addition to any feeling of being … Continue reading

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