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Death penalties in MMOs

The recent discussion around changing gaming tastes among MMORPG gamers has segued into some interesting related topics. I read since Roger’s post and Bhagpuss’ post about Death penalties. Relating to my own thoughts on gaming tastes and that I feel … Continue reading

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Playing vs reading about MMORPGs

I read a variety of MMO blogs and have done for years now, many relate to specific games that I play or have played. Certainly the familiarity of gameplay experiences that I can relate to often first attract me to … Continue reading

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Changing gaming tastes (or not)

A few bloggers have been discussing changes in online gaming tastes in the broadest generalised sense (e.g. Bhagpuss, Endgame Viable). If developers follow such trends in terms of the games they create, then apparently we’ve become more casual or less … Continue reading

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Kaladim server announced for Everquest 2

Yesterday I read that a new time-locked expansion server (a k a progression server) for Everquest 2 was announced. It’s to be called Kaladim and will launch on March 19. Like with last year’s server, Fallen Gate, and the account-level … Continue reading

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Playing what’s already there

Reading a thread on Reddit about public transport in MMORPGs, I was close to posting “just go play what’s already there!”. In any discussion where players start waxing lyrical about the lack of new open world MMORPGs, the dominance of … Continue reading

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Appointment gaming, the positive side

The ongoing Erollisi event in Everquest 2 has provided a coincidental but well-timed change of gaming pace. I was ill for the best part of four days from mid-last week; it just a nasty dose of flu, but it really … Continue reading

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Sharing the love of Erollisi

Bhagpuss’ post from a few days ago alerted me to something new and interesting going on in Everquest 2 for this year’s Erollisi Festival (goddess of love). The post features a picture of the exceedingly cute plushie familiar, a baby … Continue reading

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