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Craft quests coming #everquestii

So I read on Twitter that next Tuesday an update will bring in the tradeskill quest line for the Planes of Prophecy expansion. Hail, Norrathians! Have you heard the news? GU105: A Stitch in Time arrives on February 13 with … Continue reading

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Sticking to the one mount

For games that have mounts, and with Guild Wars 2 adding them last year most of the games I play do have them, I often find myself subconsciously or actively selecting mounts for different characters and I rarely vary from … Continue reading

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Character permanence

The news of a Prime server in Rift is doing the rounds at the moment: a server that will have progression through the vanilla content, and the expansions at an accelerated release pace. A detail that caught my attention is … Continue reading

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Save those names #RIFTgame and touching base

I am reminded via Twitter that I should log into my Rift characters to ensure their name is safe in the upcoming release of old names. Time's almost up! Log into #RIFTgame today to save your character names! … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the lizards! #TESOnline #Everquestii

Followers of this blog may have noticed I like to play unusual and larger-than-life characters in MMORPGs. If there’s a race or character model that’s further from a bog-standard human then I’m mostly likely to choose it. I particulary like … Continue reading

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MMO economics, striking it rich(er)

In only a few days I’ve had two separate experiences of ‘striking it rich’ in MMORPGs that I played recently. When I popped back into Black Desert Online, I had 15 million silver waiting for my character in the mail. … Continue reading

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A mixed-up, meandering session of games

I returned home from the festive holidays to an evening of gaming with no clear objectives or plan. In the end I chose to patch and ‘sample’ a few different games. Crafting, Everquest 2 I realised, oh so late to … Continue reading

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