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EQ2: PQ distractions

Recently, when playing Everquest 2 on my main server (Skyfire, nĂ© Freeport), I’ve noticed a lot of buzz in general chat about PQs or Public Quests. In previous years when playing the game I had tried such public, group-optional content … Continue reading

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EQ2: back on the Isle (briefly)

I’ve finally found got some free time back for gaming and blogging, just in time for the launch of Everquest 2’s latest nostalgia server, Fallen Gate. Almost a year ago, I was dipping my toes into the old-school Isle of … Continue reading

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First ever MMORPG pics

A little late to party, I noticed the official Everquest 2 Twitter account had asked for players to share their oldest screenshot. That’s a rather fun idea, looking back through old screenshots is always fun! Everquest 2 Created back in … Continue reading

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How well do you know your virtual world?

I’ve been picking away at the Anniversary quests in Lord of the Rings Online the last week or so and it’s reminded me just how enormous and complicated Middle Earth is. The quests named after individual heroes of the Fellowship … Continue reading

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Finding low level dungeon groups

Patterns of play can come full circle I’m finding – my early years in MMOs was dominated by running dungeons. Yes, I spent time questing in a pair or trio to level characters, but at every opportunity we’d drop questing … Continue reading

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Gathering gameplay

I played a good amount of Everquest 2 over the weekend, any crafting session in this MMORPG invariably involves some gathering as well since you burn through materials pretty quickly. As I flew around the Eidolon Jungle looking for wood, … Continue reading

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EQ2 bonus XP this weekend

So I noticed this on Twitter this morning: Norrath is the place to be this weekend! Earn double XP, Status and Tithe through Mon, May 29 — EverQuest II (@everquestii) May 26, 2017 So like last weekend, where bonus … Continue reading

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