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Dungeon delvings #IntPiPoMo2017

This is my fourth post in the IntPiPoMo series for November. Here I showcase dungeon delving as a common activity in MMORPGs. 1. World of Warcraft We’ve run the Legion expansion dungeons a lot this year! 2. Star Wars the … Continue reading

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Most played characters #IntPiPoMo2017

For my second International Picture Posting Month photo selection, I’m going to illustrate some of the characters in MMORPG I’ve played the most. I highlight here that favourite is not always the same as most played – I do try … Continue reading

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Roads most travelled #IntPiPoMo2017

This post is part of a series for IntPiPoMo 2017, posts that highlight screenshots from my MMORPG gaming. Here I feature pictures that capture very well trodden roads or routes in games, ones that my characters travel most often as … Continue reading

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Autumn gaming update

Although there’s been quite a lot of heavy commentary about Pay to Win and lockboxes of late, I haven’t felt that drawn into the arguments myself. I’m AFKish this weekend to do a weekend of D&D (pen and paper ftw!), … Continue reading

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Climbing is fun!

Having spent the last post singing the praises of Guild Wars 2’s mounts, this post addresses another aspect of movement in MMORPGs: climbing. I’m not sure why but I love MMOs where you can actually climb things. It’s another movement … Continue reading

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Jump-scares and mirrors for Halloween

We’re at that time of year when everything is spooky and scary, well in MMO-land at least. The nights are quickly drawing in. The Halloween events have already started this week, as I found out logging into Everquest 2 to … Continue reading

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EQ2: Planes of Power

I see via Massively OP that the pricing and packages for pre-order of the next EQ2 expansion have been announced. Prices seem to be going up and up across the industry for these, and the decline in the value of … Continue reading

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