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AFK, prep and mobile-tie ins

This weekend has been dominated, in part, by gaming preparations for an AFK break – we’re off on holiday from tomorrow. For the MMO player that means certain specific tasks are probably due: like checking for almost expired mails on … Continue reading

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EQ2: bonus XP week

I found out yesterday, via EQ2’s Twitter feed (@everquestii), that there’s a bonus XP week coming for this MMO’s subscribers, starting later today (April 21st). I’m pretty busy at the moment with study and I have a full enough gaming … Continue reading

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EQ2: the Eggcellent Adventurer

Alerted by Bhagpuss’ recent post I popped back into Everquest 2 for two brief sessions of Easter Egg hunting over the last two days. Easter doesn’t normally feature in my MMO gaming calendar at all, there’s not that much to … Continue reading

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Crafting gear for alts

I picked up a Ratonga Ranger alt in Everquest 2 recently, I can’t even remember why I created him but noticed him on the login screen and thought it was time to play him. One thing I’ve not done before … Continue reading

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Developer appreciation week 2017

One of the annual blogosphere activities is the Developer Appreciation Week, where bloggers take a break from critique and negativity to actually praise the vast amounts of unsung effort that the continued development of MMORPGs must require. Although I’m probably … Continue reading

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Guiding an instant high-level character

Playing my Esper in Wildstar has given me pause for thought on what the game, and other MMORPGs in general, could do to make it an easier process to take on a newly dinged max level (or near) character. If … Continue reading

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Garish mounts

Massively has a discussion post about garish mounts and whether players should be able to hide them or have an option to filter them to be more lore appropriate. Many MMORPGs do go all out with a huge variety of … Continue reading

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