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Sharing the love of Erollisi

Bhagpuss’ post from a few days ago alerted me to something new and interesting going on in Everquest 2 for this year’s Erollisi Festival (goddess of love). The post features a picture of the exceedingly cute plushie familiar, a baby … Continue reading

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Appearance system pros and cons

I’m not strongly motivated by the appearance of my characters; I’d rather they avoid the pastel-shades pyjamas look of the early Burning Crusade era WoW, but so long as the clothes aren’t jarringly mixed styles I’m generally ok. Some MMORPGs … Continue reading

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Gaming concentration

A few posts ago I was writing about a particular kind of focus regarding my gaming. I listened yesterday to a Mozilla podcast about a different kind of focus: issues with concentration while reading. The podcast talks about reading and … Continue reading

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Coming back is sometimes easier

I’ve written before about some MMORPGs as being easy to return to because of time invested and how familiar the game systems and setting might be. This was certainly my experience dipping back into Star Wars the Old Republic this … Continue reading

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Alt switching ease…

…or the lack there of has got me thinking at the moment. My gaming time has been rather limited due to two weekends in a row of visitors. The main thing I have been doing is logging in, as time … Continue reading

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Catch-up mechanisms

Playing Neverwinter, and specifically the new(ish) Module 14  (Ravenloft), I’ve been given a different perspective on catchup mechanisms both within this game and beyond. A previous attempt to return to Neverwinter for solo play before Module 14 was launched saw … Continue reading

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A week in MMO gaming

So what does a week look like for me as a multi-MMO gamer? Following on from a non-gaming Q&A post, I thought with this post I’d give a gaming update, with the aim that it shows the sort of mix … Continue reading

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