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All the news! #mmorpg

It’s been a rarity in recent years for there to be that much MMORPG news to comment on in the blogosphere, new MMO launches have been few and far between compared with the heady days when I started this blog. … Continue reading

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Interactive objects #BattleforAzeroth #TESOnline #DDOUnlimited

I’ve been praising the environments and landscapes of Battle for Azeroth’s new zones in the last couple of posts. Something I would like to see in future World of Warcraft content, however, is more interactivity in the indoor spaces. There … Continue reading

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Regional hosting – history repeating

Reading the other MMO news that came up at the same time as the New Dawn info. I see that the publisher of Ashes of Creation have opted for (owned by in Russia) as the European distributor/host. This … Continue reading

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My gaming history #BlaugustReborn

Belghast has a post up on the “getting to know you” theme of week 2 of Blaugust. I don’t post about myself that often on this blog, it is about gaming more than anything else. In the spirit of Blaugust, … Continue reading

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Sharn coming to Dungeons and Dragons Online! #DDO

I could not be more excited with this surprise news out of Standing Stones Games for Dungeons & Dragons Online. Coming in 2019, the Sharn: City of Towers expansion is coming: Players will get “the opportunity to hobnob with high … Continue reading

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Getting started in MMO blogging #BlaugustReborn

This year there’s a ‘Blaugust Prep Week‘ run-up week before Blaugust proper starts. Kind of like the pre-patch stuff in World of Warcraft that just dropped on our laps this week too. For anyone looking to get into blogging, here … Continue reading

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Discussing difficulty in MMORPGs

Massively OP had a discussion piece two days ago on difficulty in MMORPGs that was an interesting read, and that generated some incisive comments from the community. I’ll cherry-pick a few points to add my own thoughts too in this … Continue reading

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