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Bring the fire (resistance) #DDO

In our last Dungeons & Dragons Online session we played some House Kundarak quests, seems Syp is just ahead of us on doing that. The most memorable quest was Taming the Flames – a nest of nasty re-spawning Fire Elementals. … Continue reading

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MMORPG user interface standards

Last weekend I was running some tabletop gaming using Fantasy Grounds 2, and I was reminded just how quirky the user interface is. This virtual tabletop software re-invents a lot of controls and concepts that are already well established for … Continue reading

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Longer quests #DDO #TESOnline

Not all MMORPG quests are equal. Questing has tended, in many games, to be reduced down to simple tasks like the apocryphal “kill 10 rats” or something similar; requiring five minutes or so with maybe some travel time either side. … Continue reading

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Missing the sun #DDO

I logged into DDO just now to do some quick quests with my husband and was greeted by a brilliant blue sky over Stormreach. Sure made a sweet sight during these dark, cold and wet winter days…

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All caught up #DDO #DDOUnlimited

Our two characters are now caught up with their Cleric companion and ready to push onwards to level 10 – my husband expressed wants to see the Ravenloft content that I’ve told him about, so onwards to level 10! Catching … Continue reading

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Learning a lesson #DDO #DDOUnlimited

When was the last time a leveling dungeon whipped your behind with some real challenge? In a lot of MMORPGs dungeons below the level cap are pretty easy – especially if you have a half-decent tank and healer in the … Continue reading

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My favourite posts of 2017

As we close another year I’ll use this last post of the year to review some of my favourite MMORPG blog posts from 2017. For this selection I’ve incorporated a mix of favourite memories alongside some of the more comparative … Continue reading

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