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Playing for the group #BlaugustReborn

Tobold has an interesting D&D post up, it reads to me as having lots of relevance to MMORPG discussions as well. Admittedly tabletop rpgs are very much team/cooperative games – bad players will use ‘playing evil’ as an excuse to … Continue reading

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Old gaming files

Reading this post on Endgame Viable left me with the question, what is my oldest computer files. That’s a fun challenge for this week of Blaugust. I have a lot of old burnable CDs and DVDs as backups of files, … Continue reading

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D&D on (US) national TV

Tobold posted about the cultural event of seeing a segment on Stephen Colbert‘s prime time talk show where he and a guest discusses D&D front and centre. That’s quite a cultural moment I would say: the audience reacts warmly to … Continue reading

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My gaming history #BlaugustReborn

Belghast has a post up on the “getting to know you” theme of week 2 of Blaugust. I don’t post about myself that often on this blog, it is about gaming more than anything else. In the spirit of Blaugust, … Continue reading

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Sharn has come back to D&D too! #Wizards_DnD

As a follow-up to yesterday’s news post about the next Dungeons & Dragons Online¬† expansion, I’m also very happy to see that Eberron is back as an officially supported setting for D&D 5E. My longest-running campaign for tabletop is Eberron-based, … Continue reading

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What I’m playing this summer

With the shift into proper summer weather I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be playing MMORPG-wise over the lazy summer months. I read Syp’s two lists of upcoming MMOs with interest, but so few upcoming games actually interest me in … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi mood

I’ve been in a Sci-Fi mood for a week or two now. My World of Warcraft account is tokenless, I’ve stopped¬†playing Black Desert Online and am not missing Path of Exile at all since we finished. It’s all about spaceships, … Continue reading

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