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Race/gender locked classes

Although I’ve not been following the upcoming MMORPG Crowfall that closely, the news posted on Massively OP that the devs are removing the planned race/class locks seems a positive development. The game is shifting from the original idea of race … Continue reading

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I’ve found myself playing more sessions that focus on ‘grinding’ recently, a common enough term and trope in MMORPGs. Mindless repetitive activities without any specific driven story or path seems to appeal more than usual at the moment. It motivated … Continue reading

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Travel and realism in MMORPGs

Over the last few months I’ve been ruminating over the role of travel in MMORPGs. I’ve played some irregular sessions of two more ‘realistic’ games, Black Desert Online ; a game where a mount or vehicle has a more tangible … Continue reading

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Payment model data and evolution

Gamasutra has an article about payment models based on some research of esports gamers. Here’s a link to the article and a link directly to the research report. The headline blares that “Devs are backing away from Free-to-Play” with a … Continue reading

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Sci-Fi mood

I’ve been in a Sci-Fi mood for a week or two now. My World of Warcraft account is tokenless, I’ve stopped playing Black Desert Online and am not missing Path of Exile at all since we finished. It’s all about spaceships, … Continue reading

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Narrative drive to MMORPG gaming

I often find myself drawn back to games with a strong narrative – an overarching story that provides impetus to my character’s actions and the promise of as yet untold adventures to come. Take SWTOR for instance, I have a … Continue reading

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BDO: alt play and the intro

This weekend we have a friend visiting so the focus has been on pen-and-paper roleplay more than MMORPGs but I did have some time to roll a new alt in Black Desert yesterday for a quick look at duo gameplay. … Continue reading

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