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A call for help #GuildWars2

As we continue our push through Heart of Thorns, with now a second map completed, I’m impressed by just how helpful and communicative the people we meet are in this MMORPG. There are challenges that a pair of Charr cannot … Continue reading

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Bring the fire (resistance) #DDO

In our last Dungeons & Dragons Online session we played some House Kundarak quests, seems Syp is just ahead of us on doing that. The most memorable quest was Taming the Flames – a nest of nasty re-spawning Fire Elementals. … Continue reading

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Disguise gameplay #ElderScrollsOnline

I had fun with an extended ‘stealthy’ quest area, the Hatching Pools in Shadowfen in Elder Scrolls Online. As well as the main zone quest that took me to the area, there were a few side quests to do. Like … Continue reading

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Black rider eat your heart out #GuildWars2

We continue to play through the Heart of Thorns content on our Charr duo. The main story is gated every so often by masteries so progress isn’t as fast as we might like. So sessions are a mix of doing … Continue reading

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Outside motivations to gaming

Although I play various games for different reasons there are very occasionally external, non-gaming reasons for me to game as well. The static trio group that I play in is juggling both DDO and SWL at the moment. Not ideal … Continue reading

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What would attract me back to World of Warcraft

Massively OP’s latest Daily Grind community discussion column is “What would it take to get you back into WoW?”. It’s a simple enough question and one that I’ve been contemplating since the announcement of Battle for Azeroth. At present I’m … Continue reading

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Craft quests coming #everquestii

So I read on Twitter that next Tuesday an update will bring in the tradeskill quest line for the Planes of Prophecy expansion. Hail, Norrathians! Have you heard the news? GU105: A Stitch in Time arrives on February 13 with … Continue reading

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