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Guild Wars 2: the waiting nears its end

My characters, all four level 80s, are ready to step into the brave new zones of Elona once Path of Fire opens. Naturally I won’t be doing that with the mass zerg at ~20:00 UK time, we have visitors coming … Continue reading

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EQ2: next expansion and catchup events

I read via Massively OP that Everquest 2’s next expansion has now been announced: Planes of Prophecy. The producer’s letter that gives this announcement includes a few details – our characters are off to various other planes such as the … Continue reading

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Cooperative gameplay and combat

Through the same group of four friends I am currently experiencing two different takes on turn-based combat. This type of game is somewhat more relaxed paced than all the MMORPGs that I play, all of them have so-called real-time combat … Continue reading

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GW: the event loot hose

We had a fun session in Guild Wars 2 yesterday, exploring deeper into the Auric Basin zone of Heart of Thorns. We even got our first go at a big meta-event in the Forgotten City of Tarir, rather surprisingly since … Continue reading

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Player created treasure hunts

Playing through the latest of the Yun Zi summer event quests got me to thinking about treasure hunts. These quests are a delightful excuse to go flying around old zones and visiting places that I may or may not have … Continue reading

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WoW: spell graphic changes

Yesterday I spent quite a few hours in World of Warcraft playing dungeons with a mix of different friends and family. As per usual we shifted between characters to make-up for any lack of healer or tank character in a … Continue reading

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Back to a gaming plethora

So I’m back from a wonderful holiday and have spent hours yesterday and today catching up with the RSS reader and news websites. Gaming-wise the first priority was to ‘token-up’ in World of Warcraft so I could dive into the … Continue reading

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