Jedi Fallen Order on PS4

Ever late to the party, I received Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on PS4 for Christmas and have been rather rapt by it since coming back home. It is a beautiful game to look at: expansive skyboxes galore and really grand scale design. Very mild spoilers follow for early game areas below.

Opening in a shipyard

The environments are the star for me right from the get go, each planet I’ve been to so far is really different in feel, and there is a heavy emphasis on environment as gameplay, so it matters to how my character can move around. I won’t be making very fast progress because I have to look around all the time and gawp at the scenery and sheer-artistry of it all.

After the oversized and rather dangerously unstable Bracca shipwrecks as landscape, the ruins on Bogano were all about exploration and mystery. Then I travelled to Zeffo for more exploration but a whole heap of conflict with Imperial forces and hostile fauna.

Charming little creatures, not!

I’ve started unlocking new ways to interact with terrain and technological features such as stone blockages or locked doors now. The combination of force powers and little BD-1 and his very useful abilities makes for compelling and additive gameplay unlocks – very similar to the Star Wars Lego games I feel, where replaying levels was a must to explore or do everything.

Who’s both cute and super useful?

The game is fun to play, I’ve so far experienced it as “couch coop” where my husband and I play it together by taking turns. Not quite as engaging as playing an MMO simultaneously but it’s working for now. That helps a lot as it has some rather difficult and intense action sequences, notably lots of swinging or jumping combined with the need to use force powers mid-sequence. I’m not so great at fast-reaction stuff, but am better at the intenser combats so far, so we complement one another.

One intense fight indeed

The game can be very cinematic indeed. The AT-AT sequence at the start of Kashyyyk blew my mind. It was such fun: intense action but visceral. Getting to pilot an AT-AT was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had in years. The two weapons felt different to employ – it may have been an on-rails experience akin to SWTOR’s original space combat mini-game, but man was it satisfying to blow up turrets with the cannon attack!

I’m really looking forward to be playing more of this, even if it keeps me away from MMORPGs in early 2022!

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  1. This was a great game. Excellent ending, too!

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