Happy New Year!

This holiday has been filled with a good amount of gaming, as well as a surplus of good food and quality time with family. I’ve had the opportunity for a good few long walks despite the rather dismal weather which has been a tonic for how busy I was in December with work.

Carcassonne in progress

The unexpected hit among the family has been a new board game my nephew bought for my Mum – Carcassonne. It’s a deceptively simple tile-based game, where the board is built by the players as they draw random tiles. There is just enough strategy and complexity to keep it interesting game after game, without an individual game taking too long to set up. It’s also quick to learn which has been a particular boon. I may have to look into the mobile or PC version of the same game, I’ve read via social media that it’s good fun and it’d be nice to have a version I can play at home since the box will be staying at my parent’s house.

So this is just a quick post to mark the turning of the year before I get busy with family gatherings – Happy New Year for 2022, dear readers, here’s to a happy and healthy year to come!

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