Sailing home for Christmas

Sadly it won’t be sailing exactly, more like a couple of trains and a taxi, but we are intending to visit my family for Christmas despite the current pandemic situation. A quiet disconnected week with family is all I can hope for at the moment.

Random Raft screenshot

Looking at the full rucksack I’ve just packed, I think I’ll be taking my netbook with me as it is so much lighter, and with family around basically all the time, I’ll not have the free time or motivation to be sat in a corner playing MMORPGs. That’ll mean no festive events or further exploration of the EQ2 expansion, but Christmas for me has rarely been about online gaming for years now. If I’m lucky I’ll squeek in the odd bit of writing time so I can make some more progress on my current draft D&D module.

In any case, I suspect there’ll be a whole heap of other gaming in one form or another: along the lines of Mysterium, card games and the odd party game on a Playstation!

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