Rift to receive a new update Q1 2022? #IntPiPoMo

I just watched a Youtube video analysing the most recent Gamigo financial report. In the video KiraTV discusses that the report mentions that Rift has not received any updates for a “longer period” but that it is due to get a large update in the first quarter of 2022.

My cleric main in Rift

That’s actually a pretty surprising and exciting prospect if it can be believed. I always loved Rift, and have returned several times to the game to play it casually. If the game starts receiving new content updates I would be attracted back for sure. Emphasis on content, however, if this update just ends up being a “season” or “fresh start server” – basically a way to keep players engaged by incentivising replaying the old content again, then I’d not be that interested.

PUG raid fun in Rift’s “Intrepid Adventures”

As is mentioned multiple times in the Rift Forum discussion on this: it is one thing to make vague promises to the playerbase in a Dev Letter or other marketing communication, but investor reports are held to higher scrutiny. So, promising new content in 2022 in that context leaves me a little more hopeful it may actually be on the cards…

A sky full of stars

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