Gloomhaven: a win and a loss #IntPiPoMo

Our last Gloomhaven campaign session was a particularly tough pair of dungeons, one win and then a loss. It was our first encounter with a proper ‘boss’ opponent. It really felt like an MMO with the nasty special actions he was taking (double add summons, giving all adds a second turn).

Said boss had a lot of starting health and condition immunities – thankfully we realised early on that using the doorway as a bottleneck could make this fight *much* easier.

I was playing my favourite mercenary of Cragheart. He has a great mix of healing, area attacks and obstacle-related utility powers

And boy did we need the healing. So many opponents means a lot of damage to heal through…

The second dungeon lacked a boss but was hard-wearing on our mercenaries due to shielded opponents and large groups in each rooms. Gloomhaven often has an element of “planning to last long enough to win” due to the mercenary’s deck shrinking in size each time a rest is taken.

Towards the end heavier hitting elementals showed up just as we faced the inevitable loss of a team member to card burn/loss.

The dungeon kept pushing harder regardless of our predicament as we encountered our first trapped chest!

Last room and first opponent down…

That painful moment where a heavy hit forces your mercenary to burn another card or be defeated.

It was a very dramatic evening’s gaming overall. I didn’t get a screenshot of the team’s last-second defeat (one hero and one monster both on a sliver of health) as I’d had to go get ready for an early start for work the next day. Hopefully we’ll get this dungeon on a second attempt!

This post is part of the IntPiPoMo 2021 event. Picture total posted so far this month 24/50.

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