Flying over Steamfont #IntPiPoMo

Another weekend has gone with next to no gaming, we’ve suddenly become rather busy with socialising and travelling to see family. That means this busy time of MMO events and seasonal holidays is slipping by me rather…

I did do another weekly Panda, Panda, Panda quest before the weekend, this time in Steamfont Mountains. I imagine it to be a lot warmer there than it currently is where I live. Granted there’s no seasonal variation to speak of in EQ2 or most MMORPGs, but regardless I appreciate the visual warmth of this zone at the moment.

As a technologist by career, I can’t help but identify with Gnomes as they are often portrayed in MMORPGs. The use of technology to solve problems appeals to me, although given the chaotic nature of such inventions, I’d certainly not want to be a Gnomish tech support specialist!

Despite the size of their inventors, some of their buildings and installations have a particularly grand scale.

That appreciation doesn’t extend to robotic giant spiders, I had a bit of shock when I stumbled across it again – I’d forgotten about their presence in the zone. Strangely I referenced such a monstrosity when I first quested here without complaint back in 2013

More bitesize fun had and I’m busy sorting my Overseer missions in game as I type this up. Have fun all!

Bonus picture: no seasons but a lovely nightime sky when I revisited just now

This post is part of the IntPiPoMo 2021 event. Picture total posted so far this month 15/50.

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