Lavastorm lights #IntPiPoMo

The weather has turned pretty cold of late, especially overnight, so I was glad to be warming my Inquisitor up in Lavastorm for the Pandas, Pandas, Pandas event in my most recent session.

For the longest time my main in this game had the magma armour appearence slotted as his default look. I’ve fond memories of questing through this zone.

The zone taxi mounts are suitably over-the-top on-fire steeds as well.

It’s not everyday that you quest in and around an active volcano. I’d almost be tempted to start levelling one of my lower alts again so I could replay through the zone once more!

This post is part of the IntPiPoMo 2021 event. Picture total posted so far this month 9/50.

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2 Responses to Lavastorm lights #IntPiPoMo

  1. zaphod6502 says:

    Wow they really need to release an Everquest III. II is looking so ancient now. The scenery isn’t much better than cheap shovelware 3D games.

    • Telwyn says:

      To be fair to the game, later zones look much more modern graphically, old zones like this haven’t been revamped but then EQ2 hasn’t done a Cataclysm to justify spending resources redesigning zones either.

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