IntPiPoMo 2021 #IntPiPoMo

We are on the cusp of November, and in the MMORPG blogosphere that means it’s almost IntPiPoMo time! International Picture Posting Month in full or IntPiPoMo for short is organised again by Chestnut of the Gamer Girl Confessions blog. To learn more about this blogging event and how to take part, read this blogpost on the 2021 edition. I’ve just signed up via the linked sign-up form on this post!

IntPiPoMo logo courtesy of

I’ve taken part in this blogging event every year since 2016 according to my own blog archive, not counting last year as the event didn’t run for very understandable reasons. It’s one of my favourite blogging events since I love taking screenshots when gaming, and the expectations are easy for me to meet – posting every day was a stretch way back when I started blogging, but posting once or twice a week with a bunch of pictures is *very* achievable still.

Here’s hoping for a fun and picture-filled November!

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