In support of an expanded Panda event in future

In a recent blog post, Bhagpuss mentioned the idea of maybe expanding the Panda, Panda, Panda! event in Everquest 2 into a more rounded seasonal event in future: “We could do with something on the calendar between Tinkerfest and Nights of Dead“.

Oh I do like the idea of it being upgraded to a full event, that would add more to an already very fun activity each year. It’s nice the game has something specifically tailored to returning players as well, more than just here’s some freeibes in the mail (a la Black Desert). This involves a modicum of effort, but only enough to reengage you with game systems and locations so I find it much more effective than just receiving a chunk of money.

The MMORPG space is already so crowded, and despite growth in recent years slowing down somewhat, there are still new entrants coming along. I’ve been playing Bless Unleashed some this summer and we have guildies who are heavily invested in the New World beta. So it strikes me as a very good, realistic, approach to recognise that some players will drift away whilst ensuring there are some enticing reasons (or events!) that will bring them back to their comfortable virtual home.

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