We’ll be sailing once again

An unusual resonance is in the air. If the stars align and there isn’t a sudden lockdown, I’ll be off on a cruise holiday for the first time in two and a half years. I’ve sorely missed being at sea, but last summer, the industry was still in full shutdown. The wait for a badly needed holiday is weighing heavy on me, I just need to get to sea again for a good break.

It’s with interest that I read the announcement of the next Everquest 2 expansion, Visions of Vetrovia. It sounds like the expansion will focus on sailing to new lands, a voyage of discovery as it were. That’s what my soul needs at the moment, after a year and a half of highly restricted movement, I’m in need of travel and new horizons.

I’ve a week of possible gaming time left before I’m away from computer, so time to get digging into the prelude event! I’m still waiting on details of when the Pandas, Pandas, Pandas event will start – my characters need more catching up gear-wise than in previous expansions as I’ve been rather distracted by non-MMO gaming over the summer. Lots to look forward to it seems this autumn in Norrath!

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