Lessons learned #Blaugust2021

So Blaugust is over for another year. This year I got a ‘bronze’ award with twelve posts, surprising looking back that’s actually not bad, my entries for Blaugust 2020 and Blapril 2020 didn’t reach double digits, I’d have to go back to 2018’s event for more posts. My days of blogging daily even for a limited period of time are over it seems. I’ve enjoyed being a part of the event, and responding to the odd themed or community-inspired post nonetheless.

What I feel I’ve learned, or even enacted this last month, was to put time aside for gaming over blogging – to ensure that the “tail isn’t wagging the dog”. By that I mean playing games first and foremost for enjoyment, and not because they make good blog post fodder. Of course, it would have been nice to play lots of games AND have time to write about them, but that just wasn’t an option (again). Not that I feel that I have gone particularly far down that rabbit hole in the past but it is a temptation. There’s always some game or other coming out or receiving content patches that I could blog about to be part of the coverage. I like being part of gaming conversations, but not to the extent that I’ll play just any old game to do so.

Recently I’ve tried Bless Unleashed some, and enjoyed it, though I doubt it’ll hold me long term unless I can suddenly free up a lot more free time. Otherwise, I continue playing and enjoying Gloomhaven with friends, though I suspect we’re edging slowly towards the end of that journey. The other update is that we finally have a new(er) console in the form of a Playstation 4, unlike the PS3 we had for over a decade, the PS4 includes a decent means to take screenshots within the UI. This means I can more easily blog about console gaming fun without needing to photograph the TV screen. Not that I’m playing that much there either as free time is, as I seem to be so often repeating, rather limited.

I managed to give Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville multiplayer a go last night. The graphics are really, really good. The gameplay is suitably frantic for a third person shooter. I admint I’ve never been a “two-stick” gamer, despite having a PS3 for so many years I’ve just not done that much gaming on console since the shift to “two thumb-sticks”. Compared to mouse+keyboard, I find it really difficult and imprecise trying to move, turn and aim all at the same time on a modern controller.

The orange tank character is super fun!

So maybe the next lesson to learn is how to be better at this whole console-gamer thing?

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