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This is a post for the Blaugust 2021 blogging event, see the linked post for more info!

I’m seeing through my blog-feed that one topic over the last few days has been motivation for blogging. For me, blogging is something I want to do, even if I don’t have the time to do it as regularly as I once did. Blogging itself is time-consuming, though not that time-consuming, for me at least. I may spend 30 minutes on a post, but then my posts aren’t that long generally. I have done much longer ones in the past, or more involved ones where I’d researched actual data or my post history. These days I post when I can and at the length I can, but the itch to write is still there.

In terms of what specifically motivations me though: what keeps me going after ten years, I’d narrow it down to three main points:

Blogging is a conversation

For me, blogging is about being part of a wider conversation. Unlike social media (e.g. Twitter), it is the chance to say something with a bit more depth about a topic. To open a richer conversation than just memes and hot-takes (though blogs do contain examples of both). Each post that I write builds on existing posts of mine, on posts of others or both – the conversations can be many layered with references going back days, months or even years. Social media may have reduced the number of people blogging, but I still see blogs as having a distinct raison d’être.

Blogging is a great aide-mémoire

Blogging over a long period is such a great reminder, and memory-aid, for what I used to play and when. It also is the partial justification for all the screenshots that I take, the many, many screenshots. Looking through old posts when I’m writing a new one is a great trip down memory lane to boot. I’ll stop using French terms now.

Blogging is about community

There is an active blogging community surrounding my chosen topic, MMORPGs. It has certainly changed over the years, and has quieter and busier period, but there’s usually something good to read. More often than I can make time for at present, I come across a post I’m itching to comment on or respond to when I get the chance (there’s that conversation again). Motivation certainly shouldn’t be the primary factor if you can find your community!

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