Blaugust 2021

I saw in my blog feed on Friday a few posts about Blaugust 2021 and had that moment of near-panic that July was already over, thankfully the news is being spread about the event early this year and there’s still a good chunk of this month left. Blaugust is the annual blogging-fest which sees the MMORPG blogosphere have a big spike in activity. It’s always a great time of year for reading about MMO-gaming, even if I’ve not always participated to the fullest extent.

I’ve taken part most years, though often below the maximum – post every day – level of involvement. This year sees me writing heavily throughout July for the RPG Writers Workshop as I try and finish my second full D&D module for publication. I hope to have written the last 3-4000k words by the end of the month plus a lot of editing and layout work.

So the prospect of writing every day for the blog doesn’t necessarily seem that realistic, as I may well be needing a break by then. That said I’m currently really enjoying the adventure writing, and despite the effort involved I feel a bit more motivated to write for the blog as well. In any case it’ll be good to see all the posts to read in my Feedly over August!

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