Webconference overload #SWTOR

I spent over six hours on webconferences and web-meetings today with work. It varies but some days are just like that, what with the whole team working from home. So I had to smile at the irony when playing Star Wars the Old Republic this evening and realised just how prescient of the last year for many office workers the game was with its Holo-calling options.

Whether it’s our group (‘the bubble’) calling NPCs, or our bosses or mentors on a quick 1-2-1 meeting, our characters rack up a lot of holo minutes. I’ve always loved the use of holo-communications in the game.

In other news, we’ve arrived on Nar Shaddaa, a planet that always delights me when I’m there. Maybe I just love the neon city-planet aesthetic?

I was shadowing one or other friend’s Imperial Agent storyline if the vicinity to have a more group-oriented experience, but I’ve decided to stop. At some point I fancy replaying that class storyline as I feel like I’ve forgotten enough of the details for it to be enjoyable once more.

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