Missed updates and EQ2

So I read over at Inventory Full that Overseer Season 3 had arrived, something I’d missed completely at the time. This means new quests and more potential gear rewards. My characters still need a lot of gearing up as I’ve not played that much Everquest 2 of late.

Even if I’m not adventuring that much, I can find time to log in and collect rewards or set off missions. The agents have a cooldown after hand-in, so optimal play requires two logins a day which is a bit more of an ask. It’s that or setting off missions every other day if I only login once.

I do like the Overseer system, a break from logging into World of Warcraft seems to be on the cards given how slow the next content patch is in arriving. So, some of the time I’ve been spending every day or two on Callings and World Quests I can instead devote to Overseer.

There are certain types of gaming news that I could do with knowing about, such as updates like this. Not every game patch or update has something that I’d be interested in, and I play a number of MMORPGs so digesting all the news about the genre can be exhausting. Twitter isn’t so useful even if it is one of the platforms of choice for such updates – the important tweets usually get lost in the deluge. My blogroll is probably the best source of news that I have at present since I follow bloggers who talk about the games I play, but even that’s not infallible as I do not have the same level of time to read as I used to.

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1 Response to Missed updates and EQ2

  1. bhagpuss says:

    Glad I could point you in this direction. I know there are a few people playing various games I write about regularly so I do feel some minor rsponsibility to mention stuff. I know I pick up on all kind of things from other bloggers so it’s nice to pay some of it back.

    It didn’t take me too long to get past the point where I needed to log in twice to set the full ten missions. I have more than enough now to cycle through them in one pass each day and still have plenty left over. I don’t need to do any blue missions now although it pays to be aware that the blue ones are the fastest way to get a critical mass of missions and agents at the start of a season.

    The rewards make it well worth the effort, anyway.

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