April Fools in Tamriel

I’ve not written about April Fools’ for a rather long time – that shows how little I care for the real world day. It happens that I found myself playing Elder Scrolls Online again this year, though I only managed one game session that overlapped with the week-long Jester’s festival. I read only after the fact that this festival offers a hefty experience buff, so it could have been a good moment to boost some alts up the levels.

On a whim I followed the welcome screen event notice to a quest giver near my character’s location in Stonefalls. After an amusing chat with a seemingly-confused khajiit, I grabbed a quest and headed off to rustle a pig. I may have skim-read the quest as I hadn’t realised this was basically a theft. It was only when the guard collared me, as I tried to return to said khajiit, that I realised this detail. Despite having played a good amount of this MMO, I’ve actually engaged with the justice system precious little.

It’s a pretty unique feature for a modern MMORPG to have, certainly it’s the only game I’ve played that has consequences for looting everything that isn’t nailed down from the game’s NPCs (player justice systems for PVP are something else entirely). It took a few moments for me to remember how the system works, and to think about how I was going to get the pig out of there without getting an increasingly large bounty on my character’s head.

Bounty is shown bottom right

Despite a brief moment of panic that I’d failed the quest outright, or that the bounty would then make it impossible to complete, I soon realised that it was relatively easy to avoid the guards if I stayed on quieter paths across town. Handing in filled my already full hands with boxes that I didn’t want to open for lack of space. This resulted in me taking a month of ESO Plus just to get the expanded inventory, so it looks like my ‘on a whim’ popping into the game may have to be a bit more of an involved stint…

‘Sneaking’ out

In the end I had no free evenings in-between to do more of the event, a shame as they quests seem entertaining and challenging enough, based on this first exprience. So, I missed out on the sweet experience boost, which would be useful as I’m seriously considering levelling my warden. I created him for the Morrowind expansion, but at level 5 he has a long way to go!

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