Something old or something new?

I’m contemplating a week off work next week and what I might end up playing to fill some of that time. Restrictions on doing much of anything, other than walks for exercise, mean that gaming is very likely to dominate my time. Skylanders continues to provide a lot of entertainment value; we’re about 2/3rds of the way through replaying the Giants story, but we’re also inching through the Trap Team story as well for variety.

Otherwise, I’ve been casting around a bit for what to play next week, kind of like Belghast’s recent post about not knowing what to play. There are so many games I could be playing, but what do I fancy, something old or something new? In my recent couple of posts on my MMORPG gaming history I listed a good number of games, most of which are possible options for the here and now as well. I’ve patched or reinstalled a number of games recently just to potter around in them for a session on a weekend morning; I even tried Allods again – though I was saddened to see I’d lost all my characters at some point. That’s put quite a dent in any enthusiasm for trying the game.

Starting again would be quite painful

Otherwise current favourites include jumping back into Lord of the Rings Online for a while since I’ve sunk a *lot* of time into that game over the years and there is new mid-level content coming that sounds appealing. I have a few alts just below the level for this, so could play them to get back into the game and to see the new content on level. Or I could even bring my main back to more civilised lands for the end-game missions that will also be included.

Is leveling my minstrel on the cards…

Otherwise, I’ve also a hankering to give Black Desert Online another go, as a much newer MMO that I also returned to not so long ago. I had to patch the game to sort the transfer of my login to Pearl Abyss before the deadline, with that done I naturally couldn’t resist logging back in to see my Wizard again. It’s always easy to sink hours into this game without even having a plan or knowing really what you’ve achieved, but that can be a good thing. Perhaps it’s time for some meandering adventures once more?

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