MMORPG gaming history, part 2

This post continues my blog journey through all the MMORPGs that I’ve played in the order of when I first tried them.

Vanguard, Saga of Heroes, 2012

One of the last boxes that I ever purchased for a MMORPG, I bought into this game (and subbed) just before the free to play relaunch to snag some benefits. I even played it duo with a friend for a while, which was much better than trying to solo.

Eden Eternal, 2012

There a certain irony to be blogging about when I first played a game, the day after I read that it will be closing soon. There even more irony that the few posts I did about this game have consistently got regular hits all these years later, search engines are just that random some times I suppose. I really enjoyed this cutest of MMOs, but was locked out of my account for not spending enough, so that was that.

Guild Wars 2, 2012

One of the MMOs that I was so hyped for at launch, but didn’t really ever capture my interest 100% for long. Like many games, I love the world and characters more than the actual detailed gameplay.

No one-shotting low level mobs in low zones for these two in GW2 as they will be scaled down.

Neverwinter, 2013

Another MMORPG that I have returned to many times. The launch had its problems but I’ve kept it on the roster for much of the intervening time, although never a first choice for solo gameplay, it’s a fun coop game.

Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn, 2013

Technically a duplicate entry, this remake was so very different from the original that I’ll list it again. It has always had the potential to capture the lion’s share of my gaming time, but other games appeal more to my close gaming circle.

Elder Scrolls Online, 2014

Another really solid game that has pulled me back in a number of times over the years, but one that I rarely stick to for longer than a month or so at a time. This year was one of those years for big gaming launches, so it had a lot of competition for my time.

Wildstar, 2014

If friends had stayed invested I expect I’d have spent a lot longer time in Wildstar, despite its flaws it had a lot of good aspects. Still it was good enough to drag me in a few longer stints while it was up, and I reached the cap, which isn’t something I’ve done in every game that I’ve played.

The Secret World, 2014

A reminder that the years listed are the first year in which I played a game, which does not coincide often with its launch year. The Secret World is a good example of that, we missed out on this gem of a game for four whole years before finally giving it a go. I’m glad we did get to play the whole way through the original incarnation though.

Blade & Soul, 2016

Very much a splash in the pan game for me, I played all of two or three sessions of it before never returning.

Black Desert Online, 2016

I did manage to spend longer in Black Desert Online though, I’ve never gotten that far in distance or character progression, but I’ve put in a good number of hours, helped by the AFK gameplay no doubt.

Archeage, 2016

A game I missed out on the launch rush, and kind of regretted every time I’ve tried it since. I popped in a few times and did some solo PVE questing, but it’s really not what this game is about.

Secret World Legends, 2017

So we bought into the hope that a relaunch would mean consistent content updates. Replayed all of that content, in this arguably inferior remake, and then got one paltry update past Tokyo <sigh>

Familiar streets

Phantasy Star Online 2, 2020

I tried this game for one decent session, and uninstalled it. I think I’ve read that a remaster of it is coming this year? That would be welcome as the game seemed so dated when I tried it last year.

One new MMORPG in the last four years is a pretty sad record. More recently few games have peaked my interest; a stark contrast when I look back at the genre’s heydays circa 2011 / 2012 as documented through these posts. Perhaps 2021 will bring something new?

P.S. I’ll note here that I made some use of Syp’s ever-useful MMO Timeline to check on the years of release for some MMORPGs; iit was useful for double checking I wasn’t missing any games that I’d played less extensively.

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