Mending a broken heart #EQ2

I noticed on Twitter that there was an extension to the 2021 Erollisi Day through to the end of the week. This was a fortuitous reminder, I’d missed this event as I was too busy with work and offline activities for EQ2 back when the event started. The main attraction for me for this MMOs live events are the new quests that are added most years – this time it was Heartbreaker.

The quest giver is in Timorous Deep, in my Shadowknight’s home city of Gorowyn no less. It may be the first time he has done any quests in his home volcano for years; quite the surprise!

In all the countless times of riding from his housing / crafting hub home, down through the volcano crater and out to the travel bell, this sarnak had never once noticed there was a bar on the docks. Clearly he doesn’t socialise enough in his home city!

The quest led him to investigate some flowerbeds across two zones, plus some seriously dodgy looking gems and even shadier creatures hanging around. The attraction of such seasonal content in EQ2 is the new themed housing item rewards. This was my first proper session in EQ2 for a few weeks, and it was a relaxed way of re-engaging.

I thought I’d better take my Inquisitor main through the quest as well before it goes offline at the end of the week. Here my fuzzy knowledge of the faction and alignment system had me pause briefly: could my good-aligned Inquisitor blithely wander into an ‘evil’ city. I had nothing to worry about, the grey level 75 guards barely looked at my mighty human hero askance as he road around. More importantly the quest NPC didn’t care about my character’s affiliation and he was good to go.

Completing the quest on two characters also allowed me to choose the two different reward options to see them ‘in situ’. The Inquisitor got the cursed lovers’ flowers for the corner of his bedroom.

My Shadowknight drew the shorter straw, perhaps, and had a hag plushie for his overcrowded apartment. Perhaps it was more his style anyway?

I feel very happy to have returned to Norrath, more adventures await!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    Wonder why they extended it? I’ve been in Valheim so much I haven’t been on to see if there’ve been any problems that needed compensating (usually lag or server outage). We have Brew Day coming very soon so it’s not like there was going to be a long break in the holiday calendar.

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