Is Shadowlands a bit of slog?

We did our first Mythic (0) dungeon run yesterday, and it felt like a bit of a slog. To start with we tried Theatre of Pain, but gave up on the second boss. Up until that point the dungeon went well enough, but we chose Kul’tharok to do next, and we couldn’t get the mechanics down. Wiping again and again on bosses with a long corpse run back wastes a lot of limited group-play time.

The gauntlet section takes too long…

We went on to Mists of Tirna Scithe, an easier dungeon, though one that has its own elements that are rather slog-like as well. In this second dungeon the I have more issues with the sheer amount of trash you have to clear between bosses. The mists section and the gorm section (with added frisson of the fear of being knocked into a chasm in any fight) just have too many mobs and, therefore, take too long for my tastes.

So much stuff to avoid…

Some of the boss fights are too complex I believe: that’s a general trend in World of Warcraft for dungeon bosses to feel like raid bosses, that is to say manic ‘dance’ fights with many overlapping mechanics. Some in other dungeons even have instant death mechanics, a particular genre-favourite that I really dislike.

I do not like instant-death mechanics…

We successfully completed Mists, to much relief and elation that the 2+ hours spent weren’t a waste of time. Gear upgrades were received by several of our quartet, so perhaps the next time it’ll feel easier. That, of course, is the easy-to-forget part of this overall expansion gameplay-cycle. After a few lucky gear drops we will transition into running these dungeons with ease again. It happened with normal and heroic mode in quick time, with mythic it usually takes just a bit longer for us to forget that we’re running it on that mode.

At some point in the expansion we might be able to put down the big packs without crowd control and feel like the pacing is better, but for now at least, it all takes just a bit too long. Although this transition is familiar, it’s déja vu from Battle for Azeroth and Legion, I also have a sense the issue is broader this time. I get the same sense of impatience with Torghast runs: six floors seems like a level too much. At least in dungeons we can skip some packs of mobs as we make our way to the end, in Torghast there’s the pressure to kill all the mobs, just in case one has another anima power. Everything just takes a little too long at the moment…

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2 Responses to Is Shadowlands a bit of slog?

  1. Moongy says:

    I’m probably missing something, but why are you doing 5-man dungeon with a party of 4 and are surprised that you don’t have enough damage to burn bosses in time?

    • Telwyn says:

      We always 4-person dungeons. As for the slog element, it’s more the excessive trash in between bosses than the boss fights themselves that bothers me.

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