Playing with anima powers #WorldofWarcraft

As a direct follow-up to my last post, we had some really fun and interesting anima power combos on a Torghast run yesterday. There are no doubt ‘balancing’ issues with some of these, and I do wonder if nerfs will eventually come in a future patch, but then Torghast is basically an instanced playpen. I guess it’s kind of “what goes in Torghast stays in Torghast”. No matter how broken your character becomes, how overpowered, as soon as you finish the run and step back outside they’re back to normal. I even noticed for the first time that we effectively get temporary hotbars while in there, I changed a few spell positions on that run and when back outside noticed they’d reverted to their normal positions automatically.

I found some varied and interesting anima powers for my monk, running as Windwalker dps, for a change. Upgrades to Faeline Stomp, for example, are always fun as I love that covenant ability. I’d had the “Faeline Stomp now has four charges” one once before, but not this Fae Aftershock upgrade whereby it gains a ticking damage over time effect.

Time for another choice!

The run became rather dominated, once again, by Touch of Death zaniness. This time I got both key anima powers combined on top of the legendary ring that he has. My monk had zero cooldown on the ability, it had the area effect component to hit up to four additional mobs and I got several increases to health – by the end floor my dps monk had 104K health: so he could ToD any non-elite mob from the first pull, and could quickly get most elites as well.

ToD massacre aftermath

Somewhere on the fourth floor, I had gained the anima power that gives stacks of a buff from each Touch of Death that then temporarily raise my characters health on each application of Fortifying Brew. So for the final boss fight I was able to buff my health up to 482K and then start Touch of Death spam when the monster was at 33% of its max: four or so global cooldowns later and the boss was down.

Although my view of this so far has only been from the monk perspective, I’m hearing from my group that other classes also have some great stuff. Mage, for example has interesting time warp, alter time and mirror image related anima powers. Towards the end of this particular run his mage had received several mirror image enhancing effects, to the point that his draenei had a small army of illusionary clones each cast.

How many fireballs…

I wonder if some classes have more fun or broken combos than others; I find the runs really enjoyable, but when I eventually swap to alts will it not be as good a selection of powers to play around with as I’ve had with monk?

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4 Responses to Playing with anima powers #WorldofWarcraft

  1. Asmiroth says:

    TC really focuses on messed up stacks. DH can get fel breath with no cooldown and immunity on use. Night Fae Boomkins can have crazy power stacks. Hunters don’t appear to have this type of scaling that I’ve seen.

    It seems to be related to classes with long cooldown dps skills, that trigger secondary effects. Plus getting lucky. I had a TC run on the monk with zero ToD powers across 18 floors. Thats a special kind of luck!

  2. Nogamara says:

    There seem to be 0-2 killer combos per class. If you run into them you can turn a difficult class into ez mode or a performing class (in Torghast terms) to completely op.

    So far I’ve not found the magic bullet to make Fury awesome or Prot completely op, but some other classes were indeed quite fun to play in Torghast.

  3. Bodhi Rana says:

    Loving the craziness of wild anima powers.

  4. kiantremayne says:

    There’s a shaman anima power where you get 15 seconds of Heroism/Bloodlust when you drop a totem, with a 30 second cooldown. And a stackable one that increases the Haste buff from Heroism by another 15% each time you get it. A couple of stacks of that plus the totem one and you’ve got a 60% Haste buff that’s up at least half of the time you’re in combat, and is a party-wide buff. It’s very nice solo and utterly insane in a full group.

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