Torghast zaniness #WorldofWarcraft

Some of the anima powers have some very interesting effects on the nature of running Torghast. We’re still delving into the tower casually, either as a duo or a group of four. The highest level I’ve seen is a level 3, and I’ve only explored the first two ‘wings’ of the place as yet. The eighteen level mega-version really doesn’t interest me at all.

The anima power system does add some rather interesting playstyle wrinkles to what could otherwise become a tired-old dungeon routine. My brewmaster tank recently gained his first crafted legendary item, thanks to a bit a team effort among close friends.

This is part of a growing pattern with this character, like the game is trying to tell him something. I really like the monk’s Touch of Death ability in World of Warcraft. It just feels very satisfying to have such an impactful cooldown ability. It helps greatly in open world content such as world quests and callings as it can speed up movement through more densely mob-packed areas, or allow for a quick end to combat for heathstoning or running away. It also adds a powerful attack to his rotation on elite or boss monsters, even if its no one-shot kill in those cases.

I then had two different Torghast runs that made me love this ability even more. Firstly I happened to get the purple anima power Fatal Flying Guillotine for one run. That gave this ability an area effect, hitting one creature would affect other eligible targets nearby. That was a really fun run, especially with some speed ups to the cooldown. He could touch one monster and cause entire groups to collapse!

Then an even more death-touch filled run followed. By then I’d crafted said ring, so my cooldown was one third of the default. That plus an upgrade or two to reduce it and I had no cooldown at all on this ability. My panda ran from mob-pack to mob-pack slaying all the non-elites as fast as he could target and touch them.

I imagine these runs weren’t as much fun for my comerades as they were for me, things keeling over before you can even get a hit in is something I’d find grating after time. Lots of laughs were had on my monk’s deadly progress through the tower’s levels, but perhaps I’ll aim for a bit less hyper-specialisation in future. He’ll still have the much reduced cooldown in any case…

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  1. Asmiroth says:

    This is how monks clear the 18 floors. You can 1 shot pretty much everything except the last boss. Stack HP boosts and you’re running 1+million hp. Its brokenly hilarious.

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