Free mount #SWTOR

I read just now (Sunday evening) over at Massively that there’s a promotional event this weekend in Star Wars the Old Republic: to grab a free inspired by the Star Wars Squadrons game. I’ve not played the latter, and am not likely to either, but a free mount is always worth a look!

Patching the game up to get in took some time, but in the end logging into and using the code on my account was enough to claim the reward. Naturally I wanted to see what the mount actually looks like in game, so the patching was worth it – but at least the other friends who also have played with me could save some time and trouble while not missing out!

The vehicle is a rather swish starfighter-like mount, it’s always nice to have a variety of mounts available in this game – it’s one of the ways I like to differentiate my characters. Go grab the mount if you haven’t at with the promo code “SQUADRONS” (then check your mail in game)!

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