Any more Overseer on the horizon?

I’ve been searching today, in vain, to see if there is any new Overseer missions that I’ve not yet unlocked. I’ve been running the same set of missions with some regularity on my two main characters since season 2 came back in April 2020.

I have even checked for online resources that might give me a clue, but I found nothing so far mentioning new missions in either of my usual sources for such features, the wiki or Bhagpuss’ blog. It was worth doing a bit of research though, since I almost missed out on the temporary Overseer missions for the Reign of Shadows prelude event, because I’d not realised they were there till late in the prelude event’s timeframe.

At the moment it, along with some pottering around or crafting, remain the best way I can keep engaged with Norrath since long questing sessions are still not possible. Here’s hoping some new missions (and agents…) will be announced soon!

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  1. bhagpuss says:

    As far as I know there have been no mentions of any new Overseer content either for EQII or EQ. I think there’s a general feeling there could be a new Season at some point – it would seem logical – but that’s speculation. It would be a shame if Overseer ends up just another forgotten feature like so many others. I really like it and it’s been very good to me in terms of rewards. I get the feeling it was widely unpopular, though, so maybe they’re planning to just let it slip quietly away. I hope not.

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