Torghast seems rather fun

My exploration of the Shadowlands post-cap content continues, and I’m thinking that Torghast is a rather fun content-type. I’ll caveat that with a few conditions: I’m only playing it duo or with a larger group, not soloing it, plus I’m not running it to the max but rather once or twice a week.

There are some interesting little mechanics built into this semi-randomised dungeon system, for instance the interactive details like the puzzle chests and traps. There are also thematically varied monsters in the different named ‘wings’. I guess there’s the potential to get rather bored of these wings if you run Torghast a lot or on multiple alts, but then that’s no different from rerunning dungeons or over-doing the open world zones. For now, I’d say Torghast represents something with a bit more longevity for repetition than standard dungeon fare.

Varied layouts and teleporters can offer some appearance of non-linearity, and there is quite the incentive to really explore and clear all the levels since there are significant, if mostly temporary, benefits to opening all the pots and clearing all the mobs. It is reminiscent of Dungeons & Dragons Online with the destructable furnishings, my monk gets to have fun spinning crane kicking his heart out!

The best aspect of the system for me so far is that of the anima powers. These temporary abilities add a lot of variety to how your character plays in a given run, with you finding maybe a couple dozen or so powers. Each power is found when slaying foes, breaking pots or purchased from one of the vendors in dungeon. Each time you get a choice of one to three powers, so more often than not there’s interesting choices to be made. Finding a rarer blue or purple anima power still feels good, even if you know the power will go away when you exit the Torghast run.


The anima power system seems too good to waste on just Torghast content. I could see this being a template for future more nuanced character customisation – applying effects to class abilities or non-class aspects of gameplay. It could be a fun way to bring back more choice to character levelling in a future expansion, if a way to balance it for open world were found, perhaps?

To add to this the main permanent reward other than any quest completion seems to be the soul ash currency from the end boss. That means runs have a certain risk to them – it seems to take the best part of an hour to go through all the levels – if you get to the end and fail to beat the end boss then no soul ash for that run. Not running them solo is a good thing here, the more players in the run the more chances you’ll have the right mix of abilities and skills to beat the boss. This is one of the key components of legendary power crafting. So far I’ve only unlocked one (Fatal Touch) on my monk, though it’s a tempting one for general open world gameplay as touch of death is so overpowered. It’ll take me a long time to gather the ash and the crafting mats with help from my husbands crafting alts, but such powers are a nice to have for a casual player like me, so something to work towards mid-term without it feeling like I’m under lots of pressure.

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