Reign of Shadows, some first impressions

I’ve dipped my toes into the new Everquest 2 content, the Reign of Shadows expansion, in what time I could spare after work this evening. That didn’t amount to much as I faffed rather too long on upgrading gear on my Shadowknight on the Summer event vendor, then zoned into the new Fordel Midst zone and promptly replaced it all again at the expansion gear vendor. Maybe next year I’ll remember to not bother double upgrading characters like this…

Two new belts in one session

I then proceeded to spend a good hour or so wandering around the new city zones to just find my way about. Some quests were there, others appeared soon after I arrived, so my SK has a small list of tasks to accomplish. I managed a couple, but spent more time wandering than anything else.

I took quite a bit of pleasure in making map makers for each zone I discovered. Like with the last few expansions the map and mini-map are devoid of detail by default, so I’m using the in-built map marker system to make notes for myself. With a city zone to start with, replete with multiple doors in each section, there’s plenty to mark. It’s a fun little ‘expansion starter’ passtime; it reminded me slightly of drawing maps on paper for ttrpgs or old 8-bit adventure games in my youth; only I focused time on adding important details to exquisitely pre-drawn maps, instead of wasting time attempting to draw vaguely accurate outlines myself.

Marking points of interest

There are a lot of NPCs to note and potentially keep track of, although most don’t want my business at the moment. The perennial problem for adventurers in any MMORPG: we always have to prove ourselves before merchants will talk to us. Can you imagine a shop in real life refusing to sell you something till you’ve proven yourself a worthy customer?

I’m making note of the factions I’m finding as well, and the associated merchants. I’ve always liked the faction system in this game: there’s normally some great items to obtain from them, especially house decorations. Hopefully, in the seasonal holidays I’ll make good progress in the expansion’s levelling (both adventuring and crafting) and maybe even start unlocking some of the goodies from said merchants too! I suspect Frostfell will not draw any of my gaming attention this year.

Luclin’s people have polyhedral dice, I’m impressed!

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2 Responses to Reign of Shadows, some first impressions

  1. bhagpuss says:

    That was so interesting to read. I glanced around when I first arrived to see if there was any free upgrade gear but I didn’t spot anything so I assumed that because it was a no-level-increase expansion we weren’t getting any. As you can see from my posts, I certainly haven’t felt that I needed anything better than the new panda gear. I’ll have to go take a look today and see what I can upgrade, and whether it’s worth it now I also have a bunch of RoS quest rewards, which probably upgrade the free stuff anyway.

    As for the merchants with the faction requirements, I haven’t seen any of those either. And since I’ve completed the achievement for visiting every point of interest in Fordel Midst I’m not sure what I could have missed. Shows how much there is to find!

    • Telwyn says:

      In a few hours of play I didn’t do a single fight, as there’s so much ‘urban’ content to do first. I’d noted your comments on the difference in gear-tuning but then I didn’t do any fights myself to be able to comment. So I’ll add that to the list for a future post! I’ll have to dig into the expansion a lot more when I’ve finished work for the holidays.

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