I travel by angel, don’t you? #WorldofWarcraft

I’ve now played a second session questing around Bastion in the Shadowlands expansion. I’m taking a leaf from Syp’s book and taking this journey into the new content very slowly and carefully. There is so much loving detail in this first ‘proper’ zone after the introduction in the Maw.

The skies are majestic in their colouring: lavish cloud patterns and the striking points of light that (I guess) represent the “in-between” gateways leading elsewhere in the Shadowlands. The greek/draenei fushion architecture really appeals to me. The use of light in this design aplenty is impressive both in the transparency in this zone’s gauzy banners and the stunning metal or glass decorations.

The NPCs are jarringly unvaried, a few are taller than others, but only a few faces are in evidence. As one plays the story the reason for this becomes apparent pretty quickly, no spoilers here, but there is a reason for this! Angels are very much the theme du jour in Bastion, whether as quest-givers, faction leaders or taxis.

Angelic buff, engage!

For me though it is the vistas that win the zone so far – though I’m barely a third of the way through. If I wasn’t so busy questing and gathering herbs all over, I would be stood still taking screenshots instead. It is so photogenic, just like Battle for Azeroth’s levelling zones, Blizzard have managed to up their game once again with the skies that frame our adventures.

I always travel by Angelic Airways

The zone also has lots of little details that I want to visit. Not just the souring prominentaries like the one pictured in the first screenshot above, places I may yet reach on my journey onwards, but also places that we cannot reach. Just like in Draenor there are floating islets with those beautiful blue glowing portals or whatever they are, dotted along the coast – gaining flying at some point will unlock some extra content for me just in exploring those nooks and crannies. Lots more to see, this is only the beginning!

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